Pahrump, Nevada
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Pork spareribs, large sign over bins as $1.25 per lb, great price for prok, right? The labels are marked though at $1.78 per pound.

Our selected 9.56 lb set totalled to $17.02 @1.78/lb, and that's what the register acreen showed. The weird and very misleading part--indication that the price WAS 1.78 and that we were saving $.53 per lb, yet the total price still reflected the $1.78. Follow? At 1.78, vs.

1.25, there would be a $.53 savings, however despite the acknowledgement of the $.53 savings, still totalled the meat at $17.02 (1.78 × 9.56lb), while Still suggesting there was a savings applied.

Took a bit of arguing with the clerk, but simply spelled out, $1.25/lb for 9.56lbs = $11.95!! A difference of over $5!

Something very fishy there!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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The cashier was probably being a b word but that happens a lot