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bought this POS from for my son for christmas after loosing my order i received it 2 and a half weeks later my son opened it on christmas to find that the keyboard didn't work or the tablet (lame *** POS).I then tried to return it to walmart and was told it was passed 15 days and i could not exchange it in store WHAT???? after going round and round they finally gave us a gift card. Now i have a problem with that because i bought this on black friday on sale but it is not on sale now so with no in-store exchange that leaves me paying the extra money for the same thing plus the tablet was made of plastic i use to expect better quality from RCA but i guess when they make a product exclusively for walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Maine, United States #929414

With your spelling and grammar perhaps you need to spend more time studying and less time watching television


Kevin Richards why do you post the same ignorant statement over and over. ``

Call me ignorant when your mother does not buy the right phone and when you don`t know return policies for a company and throw a temper tantrum when not getting your way.


It seems like you don't love your son enough to pay the extra money on the tablet, what a shame. You only love him enough to pay the sale price.


Walmart has nothing to do with the quality of RCA products. Your issue is with RCA not Walmart.

They don't make their tablets or anything else exclusively for Walmart anymore than any other manufacturer. To suggest that is just asinine. You can't exchange electronics that were purchased online on black Friday due to the fact that it was a temporary sale price and also the online price usually differs from the in store price. Also, I'm assuming that you didn't have a receipt since they eventually gave you a gift card.

You are mad because they gave you a gift card for the amount that you paid for it on black Friday instead of giving you more than what you paid so you can buy another tablet that is not on sale and is a plastic pos as you called it. Why would you want the same thing all over again then?

Also, why do you feel you deserve to get back more than you paid out??? Sounds like you tried to scam them but failed.

to Anonymous Peoria, Arizona, United States #922922

sorry had receipt so thats not the case sounds like you work for or are just a fan of the ripoff store not the only bad experience with walmart just the last thanks for your input.

to Anonymous #923031

Why do you assume that I work for or am a big fan of Walmart? I'm just stating facts.

You wanted them to give you more money than you paid out in order to purchase the exact same item at the current price, yet at the same time, you claim that the tablet is a plastic pos. If it is a pos then why do you want another one? Why should anyone refund you more than your original purchase price just because its no longer on sale? Walmart isn't trying to rip you off, its the other way around.

I don't have to work for or be a fan to see that.

Its as plain as day. You are not fooling anyone.

to Anonymous #923104

Why does she ASSume you work for the company? She is immature and has the intelligence level of a six year old.

Only a six year old would ASSume you work for the company you are defending.

Judging from her spelling and grammar she probably could not comprehend what you posted. Remember she is very dull, use small words, use small sentences and perhaps she can understand what you are trying to tell her.

to Anonymous #923103

Sounds like you are six years old if you ASSume that someone who is telling you the downright truth that they work for the company. Grow up, and learn how to spell before badmouthing other people.

What is a shame is that you do not love your son enough to spend the extra money on him. i agree you should only get the amount you paid for the item and no more.

Begging for more shows that you do nt love your son enough to spend more money on him Sounds like you need to get a job and not try to get more than you paid for. If not at least love your son enough to spend the extra money on him.

to KevinRichards #923340

Kevin Richards why do you post the same ignorant statement over and over. Here everyone is his profile on comments.

Kevin is a joke and is here not for anything.

but he is here to try to cyber bully people. What happen to you in school Kevin did you get beat up everyday for your lunch?

to KevinRichards Peoria, Arizona, United States #937161


to Anonymous #924514

It would be in YOUR BEST INTEREST to contact RCA instead of Walmart!! Express your frustration BUT and I EMPHASIZE THE BUT --- be courteous to the person on the phone.

That person can upgrade sizes and do other things that may be in your best interest.

Remember that you may not be the only person who had a bad experience with a Black Friday purchase of an RCA product.

As for calling Walmart a ripoff store. You know you are going to be back shopping at Walmart in the near future.

Currently your frustration and anger is fueling your expression of how you feel about Walmart. But come Valentine's Day you will be in there buying your sweetheart something or you may even be there a lot sooner. Shopping at Walmart is almost as natural for you as breathing.

There's nothing wrong with that.

So take a few deep breaths, get a nice cup of tea, call RCA and let them take care of you. And why don't you have the rest of a nice Gratitude-filled 2015?!?

to Anonymous #929541

Wrong. The RCA 7-inch tablet is labeled as a Walmart Exclusive product on every single box. (Not through a sticker, it is actually part of the cardboard box that comes from the manufacturer).

The particular product this customer is writing about IS made for Walmart alone.

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