Eatonton, Georgia

its a nice phone and all and the cheap plans are just great. ive had it for months and then now it just decides to mess up on me.

at first the *** internet is out and i couldnt send picture messages now i cant even get text messages however i can send them just fine. and i did absolutely NOTHING with the phone that made it this way. Honestly at least make a decent phone that actually works just as well as any other phone.

i mean seriously it was working fine the day before. what is going on man?

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I swear to god, you people who come on this site and make fun of people's stories are real d@uchebags! Why can't you *** comment on the article instead of putting down the person and their life. Or are you people so unhappy with yourself you need to put others down.


What brand of cell phone Striaght talk? and if its the cell phone than call there customer service its NOT walmarts fault that the phone is ***


Sounds like cell phones just aren't for you. How about a nice coloring book instead?