Dallas, Texas

A 180,000-square-foot Supercenter was just opened at Interstate 35E and Ledbetter, close to my home. Unlike every other brand new super-walmart I have gone to, this one did not have self-checkouts, and it had only three out of 15 lanes open, and long lines of customers backed up into the aisles trying to get out of there with food for Sunday Dinner.

The first issue was clarified by an employee: "Oh they didn't put in self-checkouts because wanted to cut down on theft". But wait! The store was just opened. So walmart pre-judged the whole "10% white, and poor" area and already profiled it as a pest hole of thievery and therefore did not install self-checkouts in this huge new store like they do in monied areas.

(self-checkouts save the company money so there is no excuse) The second issue is a kind of racial and economic prejudice to where they cut costs on staffing, presuming to make poor and colored people wait in long lines rather than hire two or three more checkers to be equal to the stores in the wealthier and whiter parts of town. This is a very entrenched and common practice, not just wal mart but many merchants in the same zip code do it. It's called red-lining. See they got the people so used to waiting and being inconvenienced, that those people think it is normal for stores to short-staff (and of course the checkers and employees who are there get blamed for complaints to Corporate's hands are sparkly clean).

I expected better of walmart. OK well I don't have to shop there.

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Well the have stores in the area nearby, if there are lot of thefts within miles of the store then to prevent theft in this store they won't put self checkouts. You want racism here is racism.

Why not go back to Africa *** with the other monkeys.

Also the cashier issue is a store wide issue, does not matter if you are in a all white town or in monkey town, they are always short staffed.

This is not a race issue. I take this is the first time you ever stepped foot in a Walmart store, because you would know that they always have long lines no matter what color your skin is.


Not saying the complaint is without merit, but I will say they built a Supercenter recently near where I live (which is certainly not a ghetto, mostly upper middle class whites) and there were no self-checkout lanes either. It may be some new and retarded anti-theft program they've rolled out.

. .

or derp involved in the design plans where some nimrod took them out for whatever reason and didn't put them back in.

I'm betting on the latter.


Self checkouts take away jobs.I would never use self checkout.


Simply put, more theft is done at the self checkout than anywhere else. That is not profiling.

That is a fact. Shop somewhere else if you don't like it.


Better yet, don't go to WalMart at all! You are correct that they discriminate in placement.

That's the only reason you have one at all! They do NOT put them where rich people are, because they won't shop there. It is worth a couple of extra pennies per item to avoid the place. and far worse than the stores or their staff are their customers.

The stores match the customers. They are bottom feeders.

A couple of websites to check: People of WalMart, of course. But check any mugshot website.

WalMart prosecutes shoplifters. Other stores throw them out, but WalMart prosecutes and if you see a shoplifter mugshot, you can make book on it being WalMart.


As far as the check out lines at Walmart.The Walmart on 30 is the same way.They never have all the check out lanes open.Do as i do,Go to Walmart either early in the morning or Late at night.This way you and The stockers are in the Walmart almost along.I work at night so i make it to my Walmart around 7:30 AM.I really do not blame Walmart because alot of people steal from Walmart.I even witness people stealing and Putting the stolen product on their children to carry out the door.it is so sad.Because the child will grow up to shop life and Think it is ok.


employees steal more then CUSTOMERS steal!! who ever told you it has to do with the customer doesn't read well. EMPLOYEES are who they watch and need to watch!!


Grow up! Where I live a lot of the stores that had self serve checkouts are doing away with them.

I'm sure the WalMart that you are referring to didn't put them in for the reasons you are assuming, that being racial/poverty profiling. As far as that goes, if the lines at the checkouts were as long as you said, they would have had cashiers open more lanes.

Exaggeration doesn't get you much in the line of being believed.