Galesburg, Illinois
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The galesburg, il pharmacy has the worst customer service. For two days my daughter has been trying to get her prescription filled.

The first day, all pharmacy technician walk passed while she was in line before they closed and then closed the window in front of her, walked out of the pharmacy and then asked if she needed help. Today while in the drive through, I tried to get her prescription and the guy taking the service called became extremely rude when he was told that her insurance card had not came from the insurance company as of yet, however he could have looked it up on the computer as the insurance had stated. The guy, as I cant even call him a gentleman, yellwd at me and I quote, stated, excuse me for asking for your insurance card and then hung up the phone for communication through the drive thru. I ask you walmart, is this your new way of customer service.

I called Walgreens and they had no problem transferring her prescription.

Thank you Walgreens in Galesburg, il. Your the best.

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If your daughter is old enough to have her own insurance, and get her own prescription she is old enough to fight her own battles and does not need mommy babying her, do you still tuck her in at night and read bedtime stories to her?