Augusta, Georgia

Ive bewn a pharmacy customer of walmart for a long time. Ive been on the same medication since 2007.

I recently moved to Augusta, Ga for work. Now from what I understand all their pharmacies have the ability to look up my patient profile and see my med. List. My doctors and schedule 2 meds havent changed.

For a few months I have to travel back to Atlanta to see my pain physican and oncologist. Untill Dec. When I haveappointments with new docs in augusta. They have filled since I been here.

But today the pharmacist just decided to not feel comfortable filling for me. They called verified my scrips. The wholw shabang. I was asked why im on these meds, not in private but in front of others.

Questioned again for the 3rd time why u need this. I got so pissed I call the 800 number and the District pharmacy mgr. But some employees who seen this said that the pharm mgr. And district are friends so little would prob.

Happen well they were right. Now I have to drive back to Atlanta, and go to my old walmart just to get 2 scrips filled! 130 miles Away!. I WILL NEVER USE WALMART AGAIN!

POOR QAULITY, POOR SERVICE, POOr MANAGEMENT! Every person who is young doesn't abuse medication!

I was treated like a junkie! So I know it doesn't matter that they loose my business but treat people with some *** RESPECT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

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I work there. *** you, buy some where else.


you are a junkie. you are addicted.

laws change because of people "needing" drugs. with the laws now its made to stop "junkies" and to get people to take less of a prescribed drug. which most are VERY addicting. so yes being on them as long as you have been you are addicted, and a little piece of paper doesnt change the fact.

and asking why does help if you might be taking anything else that would counter act against it. a lot of people dont tell their pharmacists they are allergic to eggs or pelican etc.


If someone is seeing an oncologist they have cancer. It may be terminal cancer.

People who are treated for cancer, especially cancer that will kill them eventually, are supposed to get palliative care, which means sufficient pain killers to make their time on earth tolerable. I don't use pain killers (except occasionally aspirin) but I know enough about illness and the rights of the ill, not to judge or mock them.


I feel there is more to this story than what you are telling.