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I had flu. Went to Walmart in Leeds, AL.

and was told it would be 35 min wait for scripts. Was almost 2 hrs. Went with ear infection. After app 30 min was told they didn't have antibiotic drops and was handed prescription.

No offer to get med for me or tell me where I might obtain, even when I asked. Got script filled across street at Walgreen. Dr's office called in antibiotic for me on Thurs. I called pharmacy and was told script was ready.

When I got there I was told there was no script. Called DR's office again on Friday, they called in again. When I called, I was told script couldn't be filled because # of days didn't match # of pills. They assured me they would be in touch with Dr to get straight.

It was already after hours and Dr wouldn't be in until Monday. Never heard another word from WMart pharmacy even though I supposed to be notified re scripts. I finally called Walgreen and asked if they would handle for me. Reminder - this was for antibiotics, not a controlled substance.

I guess I should know better. When I switched from CVS to Walmart I was told that my prescriptions were ready and all kinds had to do was bring my insurance card and ID. When I got there, no scripts. A pharmacy tech looked me right in the eye and told me "you told me your name is Barbara." I was livid.

I thought I would get past this; just setup confusion. In the past year, my order has been right maybe once. Even when I call in advance, order is either not ready or wrong; always has to be checked. In all the years I was with CVS in Hoover, I never had these problems.

Guess I thought it was simple - Dr calls in a script, you pick it up, renewals were automatic. I am going to be making other arrangements, but not before I unload all this frustration on you.

Good luck. You will be dealing with a boat load of incompetents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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IF you really had the flu you should have stayed home and had somebody else pick up your prescription for you. By going out in public you were spreading your nasty germs all over the place.