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Walmart needs to stop claiming that they match competitor's prices. They always seem to have an excuse why the price won't be lies about price matching they always have an excuse not to price match.

They refuse to match my ads. they are layers.Won't match per item prices like 4 for a dollar.

Won't match winndixie's prices because windixie's calls their sale prices "fuel perks rewards" even though no card or membership is required to get the price.I'm done with walmart. I did the math more expensive to shop at walmart than competions.They would not even do 2 for 5.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #750499

Tried to buy an Ipad Air, told they would match but had to have the paper ad. So, went home got it and by the time the assistant mgr got involved (good grief), it was we don't do that anymore B.S.

Also found several items we buy at whole foods cheaper there than Walmart crooks.

The only thing they do is promote the Billionairs in the family, screw the rest....

employees, you and me.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #701320

Right on the WalMart ads, at the bottom of the it is stated that they will match the price of any local competitor's printer ad for an identical product. Not applicable to

Restrictions apply. See store for details. When you say they won't match per item prices like four for $1.00, do you mean when a competitor has a page in their ad of a selection of items that are four for $1.00(however, I can't feature any items being that price?) If that is the case, I can understand why. However, if you are talking about four identical items for $1.00, that is another matter.

Whenever another store has pop/soda on sale four for $10.00 I take the ad to WalMart and stock up on the product, without any problems. You do have to have the ad with you. I do that with frozen pizza, etc. You do have to make sure the product you want to have price matched is identical.

As far as WinnDixie's sales "fuel perks rewards" goes, all that means is that you can take the proof that you bought the required items to the WinnDixie fuel pumps and get gas in your car for that amount off the total price on the pump. Anybody should be able to figure that out. The prices get matched if you follow the rules. There has only been one time that they haven't price matched for me and that was because I didn't read the competitor's ad close enough.

They had Pepsi on sale four for $10.00, and normally the ads state Pepsi products, which means I stock up on an assortment, and the ad I tried to match only stated Pepsi, therefore all I could get for the sale price was Pepsi, which I could understand. I'm sure WalMart won't miss your business.

to anonymous Labelle, Florida, United States #701325

no sweetbay had cereal kellogs at 2 for five and they wont even do the or the buy one get one at sweetbay evwen if price is metioned and is exact item cause it had coke 6 pack assorted flavors at for 11 and they did ot macth seems walmart has an excuse always im done

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