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Just had the worst feeling in the world at walmart canton Ohio tusc ave will never shop there again made me feel like i'm a lying when all I wanted to do was price match thanks a lot for that feeling Christina blonde hair

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I think you were trying to price match something that had an outdated ad, or something that was a different size, or something that did not qualify in some way or the other. Though I don`t think you were doing this deliberately.

Judging from your spelling and grammar you were just misinformed and misunderstood what you were trying to price match. Next time take the advertisement to someone who knows how to read and spell to make 100 percent sure.


Hey dip5hit named kevin richards Walmart's own policy states that you do not have to show an ad to "ad/price match". It says that at every register and it says it on every single register. this is the same Walmart that was in national media for not paying employees enough money and battled with Ashton Kutcher on twitter or facebook.

@Brock Lesnar Fan

That is because they have a meeting with the cashier's on what is being on sold in different stores. This illiterate person(whom I believe is you because you too have grammar and spelling mistakes forgot to mention that they had the wrong item.

If they know that the item is not on sale than they won't price match. If someone is lying(and this person is not he is just too retarded to know what the ad said) they don't get the price match, same with the case of the retarded person not knowing how to read and mistakingly not know which item exactly is on sale.


Excuse me Kevin Richards I am here to tell you that you are incorrect in your babbling. You are probably a lackluster walmart assistant manager.

One of those managers that has no clue what they are doing. The thing is you say if they know the item is not on sale they won't price match it and you are wrong. Rarely do the cashiers have ads. The other day I went to the Walmart in Canton Ohio off Route 62 (not the same one complained about) and they were clueless first they said the customer needs to have their ads which is not true.

Then they said well the manager didn't do there job and put the ads out. Then the cashier nor the manager could find the one ad they pulled out their personal cell phone and started looking for it. Finally 10 minutes later they found it was indeed a price match. They held up the only register running for 10 minutes to match one price.

The price match was for 12 packs of pop (Pepsi and Coke) as they were $2.50 at Target and the regular price at WalMart is approximately $4.48 and I buy pop for my business and get about 50 12-pks a week so yeah I waited the 10 minutes. On that single visit I got twenty 12-pks.

Now tell me how I was wrong to hold up the line 10 minutes because they: 1) first did not believe the price match 2) couldn't find the ad to verify so the cashier blamed the manager 3) the manager was confused and looked it up on their personal cellphone.

Guess what that is not my fault the cashier and manager won't believe me as a customer. Now don't tell me I should have used that Savings Catcher *** App because half the time it doesn't even catch most price matches.