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I read the ads for the various stores and shop them all. But, I just recently found out about Walmart price matching when I watched some hispanic families doing it, so I thought I'd go through the ads and give it a try myself.

I even printed off the price matching policy off the Walmart website, and took my ads with me, even though it states you don't have to, and I remember watching one family just telling the cashier the price on almost everything - without question. Anyway, I went so far as to put a post it note on the few items I price matched. The hispanic girl that checked me out questioned every item I price matched and wanted to see the ad for it. On the two items I got off the CVS website ad near my home, I had not printed off the ad, so she said she'd let me have it this time.

I spent $190 and was so embarrassed that I had to open up the ad pages for everything. I'll never do that again, and I'll keep going to the other stores.

I called and told the manager, but it doesn't matter. I guess you have to be hispanic to be able to price match - very disappointed in how I was treated.

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I;m Hispanic and they don't give me any problems we bean,ers stick together,


Sometimes the cashiers ask to see the ad and sometimes they don't. I always take the ads with me and have them in sections and folded so that the item I want price matched is in front.

It is real simple to do. All you are doing is crying racist.