Stevens Point, Wisconsin

In the last few months shopping at walmart all food prices have gone up 46%. It's not because the gas has gone up, it's because walmart is greedy and don't care about their custmers any more they have them comingnow, that's all they care about.

The frozen food department. heathly choise, smart one and a few others all have gone up in price. From $1.25 now up to $3's and more. They want people to eat healthy but not at those price we can't.

So where is the fairness now. Alot of people and familys don't make the big dollars like some do. We are just making it.

Walmart when they started out in a town was great, and now that your company has been in the area for awhile there goes the prices. Think about the average people for once, that only clearing about $18,000 or less for once.

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GREED MART....I have had things in my cart, ready to order the next day, only to find the prices went up. NOT COOL!


You mean to tell me they are in business to make money that is unheard of, seriouly if you cannot afford the higher prices sell your body to prostitution to make more money. Also one cent cheaper is less. You should not be shopping till you pass kindergarten math.


An average item that I buy at Wal-Mart cost about 10-20 cents less. I will save a lot over an entire life time.

Wal-Mart sucks. I bought a pair of jean there they started ripping around the ankles in 2 weeks.

I'm not complaining because I only paid $6 for them. Some items are a lot cheaper, the *** ones.


I agree with Kikigirl; stop trying to pass off microwaveable-***-in-a-box as 'healthy'. Buy fruit, veggies, and lean meats. Better yet, plant your own veggies. You can raise a lot on even a small plot of land, or in pots.

Expensive, you say? How much does ill health cost you?

Prices are going up on everything, everywhere. Be glad that you don't live somewhere where you have to stand in line for hours to MAYBE get some food. We Americans have gotten so soft and lazy it's pathetic. "Wah-wah, they raised the price on the *** in a box".


to comment on your response , I agree wal mart does not care about their customers, as a former employee of wal mart they do not care about their employees either thats why I don't work there now, as for the prices , yes they are going up not just at wal mart but everywhere, the thing about that is wal mart has tv commercials saying they check other stores prices and claim to be lower than others in most cases they are, but the fact is they are too high on a lot of things like meats, we have a store here called Harvey's they run sales every week we buy T-bone steaks for $4.99 lb , ribeyes for $3.99 lb those are their prices 98% of the time, when these meats are $10.00 + lb normally, as for eating healthy frozen entrees are not concerered healthy, lean meats, fruits, veggies, and dairy are healthy. :)


Frozen foods sealed in prepackaging meant for microwaving...are not "healthy" anyway. If you want to save money and eat healthy, buy the fresh veggies and fruits, freeze those if you like frozen portions....


Keep in mind, that Wal-Mart is a business, and if Wal-Mart's price is going up, then more than likely other store's are too. The price of food has gone up everywhere.

The one thing I despise are people complaining about something constantly, and then keep patronizing that same thing. Get a clue. If you don't like Wal-Mart, don't shop there, duh.

You are just one person in the whole scheme of things, your $5 dollars are not going to change anything. This is true for any big corporation.


Walmart subsidizes some of their products (and sometimes many/all) to try to kill local competition. Once the local businesses have fewer customers or are dead, Walmart jacks the prices up so they can do it again somewhere else.


I have been noticing it too!!!! I got a pair of tennis shoes for my daughter 3 months ago for $10.

Last month I bought the same ones for me for $11. Now they are $12 today. The food, especially the meat, has been getting pretty high.

I know they need to make a profit, but I am going to more of the hometown stores for meat and the dollar store for other stuff. Yes, they advertise a 1.00 aisle, but if you look, there isn't a lot there that I would buy for even a dollar.