Purchased hotdog buns at wal-mart, Shelf price was $1.34. register rang up at $1.48.

Just a 14 cent difference, but for the Fitzgerald GA store, a regular occurrence.  Constantly find a difference in price, or no price listed for many items.  They always claim the stock in wrong place.  Why?  It's their job to stock and price, not mine. Several time I have had to get them to check on a price, refund etc. Take the 14 cents and figure how many times someone is overcharged.

Really increases the profit for the store. Aisles are constantly full of stock carts, partly blocking the aisle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

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walmaT seems to have all kinds of issues. I can not even buy any fresh items.

Mold the bread has MOLD. I was told that it is not the fault of the store that they have moldy bread that the bread manufactures stock those shelves COME ON REALLY you leave 10 day old moldy bread out and blame someone else POOR MANAGEMENT is what I say. Poor management. What should I do sit in the walmart and wait for the man that loads the MOLDY bread to show up to tell him or should I HOLD WALMART management responsible for it!!

why does it go MOLDY because it is bad so many times that no one BUYS BREAD AT walmart.


That's true, actually. The bread is all vendor managed.

The vendors come in, stock the shelves, and take the old product back out with them. They bring the product in with them each time they visit, it doesn't sit in Walmart back room. It is called pay from scan merchandise, meaning Walmart isn't charged for it if it doesn't sell.

(The baseball cards and greeting cards are the same way.) The store manager can get with the vendors if there is an issue, but that's pretty much all they can do. The vendors also set their own mods and build their own fixtures.


So you want those carts filling the aisles moved? Why?

So you can complain that there is no stock on the shelves?

Price tag errors happen everywhere, not just Walmart. Accept that humans work there and move on.