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On October 30, 2007 I purchased an Xbox 360 and an Extended Walmart Product Care Warranty from a Walmart Store in Glen Ellyn, IL. The unit worked until February 5, 2009. At that time I contacted Walmart Product Care and arranged the first attempt at repair. Since then I have sent the unit in a total 6 times - each time for the same error. Each time the unit has been returned to me where it would work from anywhere between a few minutes to a few weeks.

I was told in October that I had been approved for a replacement unit and I would be contacted by the "Replacement Department" in 3 to 5 days. I never heard from anyone in the Replacement Department. I contacted Customer Service again and spoke with a supervisor by the name of Nancy. She assured me that she would email a Ms. Evans in replacements and she would contact me with 1 business day. Ms. Evans NEVER contacted me. I left Ms. Evans several voicemails - none were ever returned

On December 14th I contacted customer service and repeated my story to a Customer Service Rep. I asked if there was anyone that I could speak with to resolve the replacement issue on that telephone call. I was placed on hold for a few minutes and when "Danielle" returned to the call told me that the only method of resolution would be to speak with the mysterious Ms. Evans. Danielle told me she would email Ms. Evans and ask her to contact me. There was no one else in the company that could resolve this issue.

At best this company is completely incompetent. Internal emails are ignored and Customer Service Reps each tell a different tale. At worst this company is committing fraud by consistenly deflecting attempts to solve the issue.

Word of Warning - do not purchase an extended warranty from Walmart! The company they have contracted with is N.E.W. Customer Services Companies, Inc of Dulles, VA.

Monetary Loss: $349.

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Purchased laptop form Walmart ( Acer first mistake) it worked for abourt 6 months. Sent it back via walmart product warranty.

It came back in about a week and never worked same problem, sent it back came back in about a week and worked for about 3 weeks trying to send it back again and having problems with the rep very nasty "stated my computer not covered for replacement?" Third time a charm we will see.

Also, purchased another acer before first one went back now having problems with that. Never buy an Acer and never buy from Walmart!!!


I can't believe that Walmart can pull this stuff off. I have been trying to get them to honor an extended 2 year warranty with no results.

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