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I bought a 32" Vizio LCD TV and product care plan from Walmart in February 2009. In January 2011, I noticed a blue line down the screen. I filed a claim in February 2011 and sent it in to be fixed.

Two weeks later after not hearing anything about the status of my TV, I called them. I was told it couldn't be fixed and they would give me a reimbursement check. I told them it was to be fixed or replaced according to the plan I purchased.

After playing phone tag for days, I finally talked to a supervisor. They said they couldn't replace it and reimbursement was the only option.

I asked for my TV to be sent back and was told that couldn't be done because it was sent to be recycled. Recycled?? I didn't authorize that. They just took it and did want they wanted with it? That is THEFT. They said the product care plan authorizes them to do whatever they want with the item. I didn't read that in the plan. Must have been invisible print.

So now I am stuck with receiving a check that won't even cover the cost of a new TV today. I will never buy their extended warranty again!!

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I have been playing phone tag since October, 2017 trying to get a mailing label to repair an iPad screen. I bought the iPad and plan in May 2016.

They have the worse customer service ever. They claim to have sent a label 7 times which is complete BS!

If anyone knows of a class action suit, please let me know. I have probably bought more than a dozen of the care plans but I see that they are worthless when you need them!

to Rhonda #1598899

Please let me know how to sue them

London, Kentucky, United States #1348876

walmart product care plan ripoff wont fix my pc


My problem was handled in an even worse way by Walmart. I had a Tom Tom GPS that quit working.

When I called they told me they no longer carried the model so they couldn't replace it and they did not repair GPS systems so they would reimburse me. The reimbursed me the $10 for the insurance and not the item. I had to file a complaint with Florida Consumer Fraud to get them to send a gift card in the amount of the original purchase.

I stupidly later bought a TV and bought a repair plan and have now been told I should just call Sanyo and ask them how to fix the tv. The are a giant rip off wand will be filing another complaint of fraud against them.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #784362

I have a horror story still in progress with Walmart's Product Replacement Plan. I have a 50' inch LCD TV I bought from Walmart the first of 2013.

A week before the Superbowl several of the pixels went out and I figured hey call Walmart and use this plan. Since my original year had already elapsed i did not have to go through them. I call the Product Replacement Plan people on a Monday and and go through trouble shooting and what not and still does not fix the TV. I make an appointment for the following Friday for technician to come out.

The Product Replacement Plan people said in 48 hrs the tech would call me to confirm a time to come. I work nights so I take a few hours off work Friday so i can be available all day for the tech. Tuesday, Wednesday go by with no contact. So I'm irritated now and call Product Replacement Plan back to see what the problem is.

They tell me someone canceled my appointment! I know I didn't! SO now I'm angry telling the guy I took off work for this and I have to cancel my Superbowl plans because nobody wants to watch the big game when there is 50 LCD pixels missing in the middle of your screen. So now I'm told a tech will call me the next day to set up a time on the following Monday.

So I have him set it up. A tech calls me the next day and says they are ordering parts and wont come out until the part arrives. SOOOO a week later a tech finally shows up takes apart my TV tries the new part no luck. He tells me it's probably the panel/screen takes a few pics he calls his people and says they will order a new panel or whatever.

The next day I get a email from Product Replacement Plan stating my claim was resolved successfully! I immediately call Product Replacement Plan and the manager lady tells me according to the report she has I damaged my TV so they cant replace it! I asked how? Screen is not cracked its in perfect condition, I have no kids or animals and it's been in the same place since I bought it.

She said that's what the repair tech told his company. I called the repair tech back and asked him and he said that's not what he told his people and he would know if a TV has been damaged due to his experience in repairing TVs. He told me he would write a statement or go to court if it comes to that. I looked up the price of a panel/screen for my TV and it costs a lot!

Almost the price of the TV, which is why I'm sure they are attempting to screw me over. A customer resolution person will call me allegedly tomorrow I will update with results or if I plan legal action.

Springfield, Missouri, United States #657235

Wal mart sells a product care plan that is useless. I bought a computer an asus.

One month later the battery was dead. Past the 15 day policy I contacted wal mart product care was denied and told it was manufacturers warranty. Then why did I have to buy the plan. Asus was useless I finally got product care to take the computer 5 things wrong with it.

They changed the hard drive to basically an emachine and my windows 8 was gone, facials recognition gone and battery was said to have reached the end of it's useful life cycle.

No replacement was sent I was told a battery was an accessory. Still fighting :(


I bought a 36" Vizio tv from walmart and at the time of purchase was asked if i wanted the two year plan with it. I asked what did it cover and was told by the cashier that if it stoped working for any reason to bring it back and have it replaced.

Sounds good right..Wrong. I was watching a movie when i noticed the picture getting darker and then brighter when all of a sudden it went black as night with no sound. Power turns on and off but thats it. Took it to Walmart to be told sorry you need to call this number and was handed a pamphlet.

Someting i was never given at the time of purchase. I've been here before with a different company and thay send you a box then if your lucky in 30 days you get it back only to have it never work right and be told " ya it's fixed" and " it worked just fine when it left here" I have no faith in the product care plans and will be truly impressed if it comes back working right.


I have to disagree with you on this post. I had a VISIO TV that I had purchased three years ago along with the extended warranty plan.

My TV's (LCD) back-light went out and they are having a TV repair center pick up my defective product, repair it, and then delivering it back to me. I don't even have to leave the house! Now that is customer service. Now on the VISIO tip, I'm beginning to think that they all around "suck" so we agree there!

I bought a Samsung from WM and it so far was way worth the extra $100 bucks. I guess I'll stick with them unless the TV proves otherwise! Good luck with your situation, I know it is very frustrating...

I've been there, last week! Point being is that WM does sell great products, but you get what you pay for...


I'm a representative with NEW, the company that administers Walmart's Product Care Plan. We would like to help address your concerns with the experience you had with your Product Care Plan.

Please email us your name and phone number to inquiries@newcorp.com and reference "Smedrik" in the subject line. Thanks.

to NEWresponse #795580

You're a liar. Your company is asurion.

Not New. You have been stealing tv's and cell phones.sent my product 3 times. I used my visa insurance and got all my money back and a broken computer don't dare get on here and act like.all these people are lying. You're thieves.

Next time I will.class action lawsuit against you. :(

to dobber1969 #845396

Actually it was originally NEW and they just merged with Asurion recently adopting their name also. :-)


The reimbursement cheque should be for the original purchase price of the television. So at a minimum, you had two years of free TV!

What they do with your television is to their discretion that is stated in the care plan. Their obligation now is to issue reimbursement for the original purchase price.

If they fail to issue a reimbursement for the purchase price, then you have something to complain about.

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