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Total *** *** Whatever you get from me saying that is exactly what it means. Do not waste your time buying products from Walmart and purchasing the walmart care plan.

If you purchase anything that needs a warranty i repeat do not purchase it there go somewhere else. I will never in life buy anything expensive from them again. My Tv has been down a whole month and still no results on replacing or fixing. This is the 2nd time for the same problem might i add.

The 2nd time and same problem. All they say is were looking into it and were sorry, *** being sorry be *** useful for once.

Tech already deemed my tv unrepairable and they still havent done *** Everybody i know will know my experiece with them and i would never *** recommend Walmart to anyone. But what makes it even worst is that i was a employee the first time my tv had problems and they still pulled this *** They are a 0 on a scale of 1-10.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The cashiers have to ask you if the register prompts for warranty and their information on the warranty is a short video explaining almost nothing. Most items are covered ninety days with receipt (some stores may se discretion.) Most items will have problems within that time period.

I have only met one person who has ever needed the plan on a product. By the time you should even need any warranty, you may forget you even have it. On anything.

But outside of that ninety days, it is, as of now, in the hands of Alstate. It isn't worth it.


Don't purchase a service plan from any store. The store doesn't back the plan.

The plan is through an independent company. As you have found out these companies can be difficult to deal with.

Doesn't make much difference whether you had purchased the plan or at another retail store. Take the money you would spend on a service plan and buy a higher quality product with a reputation for lasting well past the manufacturers warranty.


Stores make alot of money selling unsuspecting/gullible customers these "protection plans." You didn't say what brand of telly you bought, but the odds are that it is an Element, HiSense or Vizio---all cheaply-made electronics and unreliable to say the least. Best to buy a major brand and forego those protection plans for anything you buy.


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