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I bought a tv at Walmart got the protection plan for the 38$ they promised it's easy quick coverage. I filed coaim after around 1 year as tv has a weird pixel issue with a v in it..

Told when I called the Walmart warranty assist that the opened a claim and given claim number I waited 2 weeks as I was told in 1-3 days this would be fixed. Long short of it called back told I never filed claim and they would need to start a ticket request I was mad and informed them I had a claim number diary lady rudely said well I have no proof. U need to start a new request for being able to even start the possibility of claim.. I asked for manager gave her my claim number from 2 weeks ago I was given..

First thing she and all of them tried to do was tell me mind u with ur sending a tech to home or even asking facts absolutely tv that it had to be a burnt in image and that's user fault and not covered.. She said this after I said I don't know about Tvs and don't think it's burnt in as I have been reside online it's most likely pixel issues.. Goes to show they just try to get out of it to fix or replace.. I believe this entire process and joke of a warranty is fraud I wish it was against law for them to sell this lie......

Anyhow they say they will send tech to house but they already told me it won't be covers becusse it's a burn in image user fault.. We shal see I have screen saver from direct tv in this tv and don't use Netflix or any of their gimcs to why it would be what hey say...

Hope this info saves others from buying this absolute *** and rip off..... Below is copy of the v they say with out looking at is burnt in image as I took pic of this v (it's in left side mid section of screen)and sent it to them since as I don't feel they are right to try to get out of soigné the right thing before even seeing something!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I purchased a tv with a three year extended warranty from Walmart a little over a year ago. The tv recently started acting up.

It just keeps restarting it self every few minutes or so. I filed three claims, sent the tv to technical support three times and it’s still doing the same thing.

I told them why not just replace it, they tell me that’s not an option. I will never purchase another electronic or warranty from Walmart again.


And, OMG, Please learn something about spelling and basic sentence forming.

This report is just terrible, I know for a fact that my 9 year old Granddaughter can do a much better job.


to ransom South San Francisco, California, United States #1135454

Yup. A typical Walmart shopper.


Yes I am speaking of the Walmart protection plan and I have followed this to a t! Finally sent repairs man to the house who informed me the Tvs panel is bad but the protection plan company while purposely say it's tolerable and not cover this unless u fight it..

This is not right. He said it will get only worse in next few months and the company will make me start the entire process again when it's worse.. Unfortunately he informed me they most always deniy people's claims.. I'm just trying to get what I paid for..

And if u don't like Walmart then I don't disagree.. So I am not saying to buy stuff there and most definitely don't buy these protection plans.. As I stated from the start the protection plan tried to deniy anything before they would even send a repair man by the way 2 weeks after started the process and 2 weeks before that they said I never even had started a claim luckily I had the claim number from first time to prove they lied.. I'm saying all this to prevent other from getting jipped.

Not trying to start issues on Walmart and the products they sale..

Some people only have a Walmart in there areas besides online ordering.. Just don't buy the protection plan from Walmart it is a fake from start to pushed through finish.

South San Francisco, California, United States #1133385

"I bought a tv at Walmart..."

Every statement that starts with the above phrase always ends badly. Think about it. Why do im3ciles think they can get quality products at walmart?

to Anonymous #1133883

Thanks I am trying to warm people of getting ripped off and get called a imbecile -appreciate this so helpful!

to Anonymous South San Francisco, California, United States #1139207

Yeah? Only imb3ciles don't already know that all walmart sells is cheap garbage.

YOU are the one shopping there. I'm guessing that you have been back there at least 7 times since posting this.


You do not file a claim with Walmart. You call the phone number on your warranty packet that they gave you when you bought the tv and initiate the claim with them.

The extended warranty becomes effective after the manufacturer warranty expires. You may have to contact the manufacturer first.

It depends on the brand. All of this information is in your warranty packet.

Walmart has nothing to do with the warranty process.

to LadyScot Hopwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1133877

Yes I am speaking of the Walmart protection plan and I have followed this to a t! Finally sent repairs main to the house who informed me the Tvs panel is bad but the protection plan company while purposely say it's tolerable and not cover this unless u fight it.. This is not right

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