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I had a bad both a good and then bad quality experience after ordering furniture online with Walmart on two different products. The good rating I made is posted and available for others to see.

However, I wanted to alert Walmart customers to the bad quality experience so I took the time to place an online product rating. I gave the product the lowest "1" rating and explained why. One week later, my posting still has not appeared. It appears to me Walmart is filtering and failing to post negative ratings, which in my view has the effect of misleading customers.

The lack of negative ratings would allow them to keep selling defective stuff to the next poor sap. Very sad.

Have you no ethics? I've lost trust in shopping online at Walmart and will now shop elsewhere.

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good topic if you're a ***.


good topic


then.. why not look for products with a lot of high ratings?

or check to see if other peoples low ratings have gone through? you're just some *** full of assumptions without reasons.

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