Phoenix, Arizona

I called 3 different Walmarts in the Tempe Arizona area looking for a specific product. The problem started right from the get go when the lady who answered the phone could hardly speak English let alone understand it.

I asked for the hardware department and was transferred. I was left on hold for 10 minutes and every few minutes the operator would come back on the line and transfer me back. Well I finally got through and they did not have it. I called three other stores and the same thing happened.

An operator who cant speak English and a 10 minute wait. I finally asked for a manager and a lady named Nancy who spoke English answered my question.

Walmart, how can you give any kind of customer service with people who you cannot communicate with ??? I dont mind dealing with people at the store but when your operator does not speak English !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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This site is insane. People will find ANYTHING to *** about. Insane haha.


There are other stores besides Walmart...if you need something, and 2 walmarts don't have it, then a normal person would buy online or try a different store. Nope, you went out in a blaze of idiocy by calling yet a 3rd Walmart, then complaining about the whole ordeal.


The associates were probably helping people in the store and that is why they made you wait on hold. I'm willing to bet that if YOU were in the store talking to an associate and he answered the phone, you would *** about that too.


Well then, since you know everything why not open up your own store and show Wal-Mart how it's done? I'll see you on the Fortune 500.