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I was at Walmart on marron street on oside ca. And honestly I won't come back to it I was buying something at the macdonalds location inside the walmart in front of the registers when I look back and saw this product that I ask my son to like then I proceed to check out the lady that was on the registere was right there in front of me watching me all the time then because I purchased already 2 things from walmart I had my own bag already then she ask me with a bad attitude to see my receive nd check my bag like if I stole something when she was there watching me the whole time like really she does bad customer service and make me feel bad because I don't go there to still *** old lady ok she pissed me off bad she shouldn't even be there in that area doing customer service if she's not gonna do what she's supposed to with her bad attitude..... Seriously you guys really need better customer service people that at least ask how are you not like this grouchy lady called RACHEL I really don't wana see there again seriously she should not be doing customer service if she doesn't know how to do a good customer service with a nice attitude I don't really feel like coming back to this walmart and they better talk to her about her bad service

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I don't know I think it's difficult to say the elephant and the penguin said "Hi" also the store may not Why is the sky blue My toe hurts Is that a squirrel!!! I like pie

Oh, Oh, here's an idea...... Punctuation!



First Born Triplet
to huh #866492

I think she is trying to say that she bought something, then she went to Mcdonald's in Wal-mart to eat something and she then went to buy something else after that and the casher asked her to check the bag to make sure she did not steal anything. She is upset because the items in the bag were bought the first time before she went into Mcdonalds to eat and because she bought something again on the same trip they got suspicious. The first time she bought an item for herself, then her son wanted something and she bought the item for him and was asked to open her bag and show her receipt.


You really need to utilize punctuation. The lack of punctuation makes it extremely difficult to understand your message.

to musicman88 #866490

I agree, I think I read this review written by someone who is like 9 years old(something about a Zelda game and wanting Walmart to stock them), they too had bad grammar, spelling and punctuation, but at least theirs was understandable and had some kind of structure, this is a mess. The worst in that review is some of the people poking fun of that child's spelling had terrible spelling themselves.


Even the guy that works at the mcdonalds was like wow really wtf ....... By the way walmart should have people like him working ... He does a good customer service

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