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Submitted a receipt to Savings Catcher, which I have done 32 other times and never had a problem. Now it's saving it is ineligible because the receipt is dated before the store started accepting receipts in Savings Catcher for this store.

It just so happens it is a receipt for $558.00 with Black Friday items that they are saying is ineligible. So much BS. I am so done with Walmart.

Also issues with layaway cancellation fees. Really a $10 cancellation fee for crappie customer service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #908578

Maybe you should just hand your electronic items to your parents. Clearly it's not doing you any good to have them.

You WERE warned about Black Friday and the Savings Catcher. On the Black Friday ad it does say something about the Saving Catcher and Black Friday items.

If you can read at all, you were warned about cancellation fees too. This is why most 12 year olds should not have cell phones.

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