Zephyr, Ontario

Huh what's a one hr guarantee?? Isn't everything from Walmart 30 day's with receipt??

After 30 day's. I just don't use receipt If it's past 30 day's which means I settle For last sale price On a giftcard. We don't have those one hr sale guarantee thingies here in Canada??? .u should have got ur *** right background to walmart and marched right in there demanding manager.

Few yrs back In walmart there was a surround sound system for $679. But there was a sale tag on it for $35.99 of course I knew it was a mistake. Did I care?? *** right I cared I couldn't get it to the till fast enough.

She noticed and said She can't well me it. I laughed AND said " wanna make a bet? I'M leaving here with that machine and I'M paying $35. She called manager.

IT turned into a screaming match and ohhh did he ever meet His match. Telling Me somebody did that and it wasn't staff. I flat out asked if he's accusing Me OF having mtMy own pricegun .I told him he's right It's clearly a mistake both It's NOT My job to double check prices. NO that's NOT MY job..

anyway long story short. I WAS dead wrong thinking I was leaving With IT for a total including taxes In $35. NOPE DEAD WRONG. as matter OF fact they actually PAID ME $15 to take IT.

Bcuz wen She took my money I gave her ONE $50 bill. I turned MY read for a quick moments. Then ME and hubby walking out that door He handed ME $65 ( my change ) He SAID. I WAS like " huh What do u mean I gave her $50.

So change is only $15. Here said " NO she said u gave her two $50 bill's So She gave one black with your $15 change. Hahahaha. Got outside.

Checked MY purse and every went was STILL there. I DID NOT give HER two Bill's.. Let's just say I didn't GO rushing black In! " I'M pretty sure At closing wen will was short by $50..

hahaha like is sweet AND Had THAT manager NOT been As hateful and rude As He was.He was screaming On too of his lungs right from the get go!! YES I was Not leaving without IT. *** right. That's THE laW!!

AND He knew IT!! Egypt elsewhere DID He actually LET ME leave with it? Again buzz It's THE law!!! IF u picked it UP bcuz OF that process tags mistake Or Not..

it's yours!!!! Anyway hopefully at least if nothing else you'd get a sick OUT of MY little story. I hope so!! Good lucky AND if 30 day's hasn't expired.

Hope I gave u some incentive to get ur *** back TO that store. Idc if u have TO drag IT back In a wheel barrel.

Just get IT back there. Frigging crooks!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Karma is a ***. This will come back on you.

You brag about being a theif and making a complete *** out of yourself and you are actually proud of yourself! You have not impressed anyone, I'm just glad your ignorant *** lives in Canada..

Try getting an education, you desperately need one! You are an insult to your country...Oh Canada!


Your English is horrible. Your complaint is as mixed up as your English.

Just because you are Canadian doesn't exempt you from speaking and writing properly. Furthermore I wouldn't brag about what you did.

You committed robbery and even if you had got the equipment for $35.00, it would have been robbery, because you know good and well that another customer switched the tags. Grow up and act like a supposedly mature, law abiding person would act like.


Fail! Take an English class and try again.