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I have been using food stamps for over 3 years now and I have never had a problem with my immigration status and using them until todey.I was asked for my ID which I don't have and then refused when I couldn't produse.

I am not in this country legally but my kids were born here. Under President Obama I have been treated better and I no longer live in fear of deportation. I sorry for the errors but I am having my sister type this for me as I don't speak english. Walmart has a lot to answer for.

I have never been treated like this before. I have kids to feed.

It don't matter if I illegal or not.America owes my people anyway.

Monetary Loss: $50.


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Monroe, Connecticut, United States #964904

Seriously? Learn the language and work for your money you piece of s***! We owe you NOTHING but a foot up your *** in the direction of your country

Stratford, Connecticut, United States #763369

The only thing we Americans owe people who illegally come into our country is a one way ticket home.Here on a work visa, with legal immigration or here on vacation?

They deserve everything they got.

Illegally here deserve no rights, no money, no healthcare.Wait in line like everybody who deserves to be here.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #763135

rumor has it if you right to Obama he will give you more food stamps......just requires you and your ilk to vote for him......give it a try.


This is not a joke and I am taking Zack from Canada to court because I think he is the father of one of my kids.

to Ortiz00 Pekin, Illinois, United States #762307

I doubt it, isn't Zack from Toronto, Canada like 13?

to Anonymous Java, Virginia, United States #762346

Oh, if that is true, than not only do we have a free loader but a *** as well. She even said herself she thinks this 13 year old is the father of one of her children.

to Anonymous #763071

The person commenting on here claiming to be the OP is not really her. Otherwise you would be linked to their user page and history when you click on their username.

to Ortiz00 #763128

Stop using my username to make fake posts.

to Ortiz00 Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States #763474

Who cares if it is her username or not this is still a troll complaint. And in these things it only shows the review not the posts the OP has made. So just another troll trolling on an already trolled review.

to Ortiz00 Vina, Alabama, United States #763475

I am sure once you agree to stop spreading your legs and making us pay for your children they will stop posing as you to make fake posts.

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