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A few months ago I bought a USB WiFi adapter from my local Walmart. When I got home and tried to install it, it wouldn't work, AND when I used the part number on the device to google for possible known issues I discovered that it wasn't even the correct device- though it looked identical to the device it was supposed to be, the part numbers on the box and item did not match.

I took the item back a few days later with the receipt and explained the problems to the person at the return desk. She conferred with another associate, who then called over and discussed with a manager about it. The manager comes back to me and curtly says they won't exchange it because the item and the box don't match. I said, I know- that's what I told the girl there right off, and furthermore the thing is broken. He repeated himself. I repeated myself, and added that because the items were visually identical, they would never have noticed the item was incorrect if I hadn't told them. It was obvious to me that someone had previously returned the box with a switched item, and I pointed out that if I had been trying to do that I wouldn't have brought the discrepancy to their attention. He repeated himself and ran off.

Moral of the story- sometimes honesty is not the best policy.

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Had the EXACT same issue, but with a microwave. They treated me like I was trying to scam them, when I was the one being scammed.

As far as I am ckncerned, they stole $90 from me. I reported it as credit card fraud to my vank, and they are looking into it now.


Same thing happened to me...I purchased a HP Printer from walmart in Chantilly, VA. When I got home to set it up I noticed that it was defective not only that I found it kind of odd that it already had printer ink in it(usually new printers don't have the ink already in it).

So I package it back up and proceed to return it back to walmart. The associate stated that she could not refund me my money being that the printer's serial number did not match the serial number on the box. I said ummm ok that's not my problem(what customer open up a box in the electronics department to see if the serial numbers match? No one).

Then I tell her well how do I know what I am buying unless I take it home and set it up. It doesn't make sense. So she gets the manager his name is Jim 443-909-0008. He came over already hostile and said sorry I am not going to refund you and no you can not get another printer of the same price.

So I said ok you sell me a printer I take it home it's defective I bring it back only to be told that what was in the box wasn't supposed to be(not my fault) and I just pretty much lost my money and I have no printer so basically you just stole from me. I did contact corporate and let them know what happened and they were shocked they stated that it would take 3 business days from them to investigate and they were sorry that this happened to me. I just want you guys to let the public know that there is a scam going on were walmart will put defective items in boxes and people think they are buying what's on the box but when they get home it's not the case and when they go return it they can't get there money back. It's a sneaky little scam that walmart has going on and people need to be aware.

I am scared now to buy things for fear that I will get scammed because it happened at the least likely place. I did end up buying the same HP printer that I thought I had bought at walmart I bought at Microcenter for the same price and I asked them to match the serial numbers together before I purchased it and they looked at me like I was crazy but I then told them about my walmart experience and they were shocked and upset and reassured me if anything was wrong I could bring it back and get a full refund.


that happens all the time if it looks fine walmart will resale itmes many people have bought items that were used and broken and not the item listed it happens becuz of *** artist so it is easier to just buy it again but not from walmart... bikes are the most resold and repainted with the rust and all.


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@Ike, I'm a little confused by your story... clarify please?


I had bought a 47 inch tv and brought it, my wife said no, if we were buying a new tv it would be 55 inch for our living room, and so we returned it.... best buy had a good sale on them for labor day but we waited instead, well today we bought a 55 inch from a walmart near by and they accused us of switching the tv and now they are trying to press charges on us,

What is going on with walmart now, they return an item, resell it and than accuse us when they look inside this time and tell us that we did it...


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I understand that some people switch items and try to return them. My mistake here was expecting that the WalMart employees would be intelligent enough to recognize I hadn't done that because I was bringing the mismatch to their attention; someone trying to switch-n-return obviously wouldn't do that.

Anyway, I considered writing in to corporate about it, but expecting that to be a huge PITA that probably wouldn't work either, I didn't. Instead I just took the thing back to another store and kept my mouth shut that time- no surprise, they took it back then just fine. It just would've been nice to have dealt with intelligent people initially so that I wouldn't have had to waste my time and be dishonest to get the issue resolved.

Second moral of the story- checking inside your boxes before you buy is always a good idea.


I recently bought a Zune HD 16Gb with a broken screen.. ALREADY!

Pulled it out of the box and it had visible cracks in it. I am going to go return it soon.

I hope I have better luck than you, I figure I will since the ID's definitely match and if they don't I'm not going to check so I don't give myself bad luck. That's 200 dollars for something broke :/


I understand what happened to you but how does Walmart know that you didn't actually switch the item. I'm not saying you did or didn't but people do end up doing things like that.

I mean even the theifs will complain when bringing back an item. There was a guy who tried to get a refund on his vcr/dvd player and when the associate at the c.s opened it, the dvd player wasn't even the right one but a cheap one. And said he didn't know how that ended up there but still wanted his refund. So even though you felt upset for this mistake how would you feel in this situation if you were the manager.

Would you give every customer there money back if they brought an item like yours back? If they make one exception then they have to make more. So where does the line start?

I hope you figured out the problem and next time when you buy something like that (even though you shouldn't have to) you should check out the item first. Sorry for your experience at Walmart.


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The OP was clearly trying to scam the store. Like I said before, if the item that was purchased was the item returned, there wouldn't be a problem.


Call their corporate office and explain the situation. That or demand they call corporate right there the next time that happens.



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So you bought a wifi adapter. Being a thief, you decided to put your old one in the box and return it for a refund.

How is Wal-Mart at fault? If you would have returned the item you bought, they would have refunded your money.

I'm glad Wal-Mart caught you in your scam. You should be arrested.