Woodbridge, Virginia
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Got a payroll check signed by the owner of my company on 03/01/2003. Went to the Walmart in Woodbridge,Va an d I was tuned down and been refused to cash my check of $1500.00

I always cached my checks a that location with the amount more then that, but for some reasons I could not been served on this day of 03/02/2013. The explanations given to me by the clerck of Certegy were not clear enough.Instead she was reading to me the same statement from their web saying blaaa.blaaa..blaaaa. At the end she told me to go back to the cashier of the same Walmart after 15mn pause I should be able to have my transaction complet. I went back nothing.

So is this a game they play or simply *** consumers off? A better and clear explanation should follow the refusal to be paid. If nothing can be find on you when your driver license and social security numbers are given to Certegycheck clerk one should be able to cash his check.

*** people like that can come back and *** the Certegy behind one of this day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashing.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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My advise would be to get a bank account.