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I bought my son a kindle when I had the money. i purchased it on 9-24-2011 for his birthday even that was not until this past weekend.

the kindle's screen was messed up and i could not get back there until today. the lady at customer service desk was really rude saying it had been 16 days instead of 15 and there was nothing to be done about it. i explained about the screen being messed and how he just opened the gift yesterday and she said oh well. so i ask what to do with a defected product they sold me and she said there was nothing to be done since it was past 15 days.

so other wise i am stuck with a $120.00 product that walmart sold me and there is nothing they will do about it. no wonder walmart is rich. they steal peoples money but selling defected products and then will not replace them.

i lost my job when tornado came thru our area(ringgold,ga)and that screwed up my life but walmart is doing a very good job at screwing the rest of it up.

it took me awhile to come up with the money to buy a kindle for my son and now he has nothing. so i am boycotting walmart and my whole extended family is too because that is just not right how they treat their customers.

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WOW!!! I can't believe you would tell your son to lie about how the package got damaged and then ground him because he told the truth, what kind of parent are you?

You made yourself look like the fool, not your son. And to tell you child he can't be friends with anyone who shops at Walmart, that is beyond wrong in so many ways. OK you lost your job for insubordination. Sorry but you can't not curse at your employer and not get into some sort of trouble.

Then you lie about losing your job because of a tornado that went through your town. That is just crazy!!! I hope your son KNOWS that he did the right thing telling the truth and you are wrong for punishing him because of it.

I hope your husband has a better head on his shoulders than you do and tells the child that telling the truth is the right thing to do, regardless of his mother telling him it isn't! Sounds like you are the idiotic one for trying to scam walmart out of a product because your son accidently dropped it.