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I bought the Cricket Wireless Broadband from Walmart on Pawnee RD Wichita KS, Apparently when they scanned the activation code, it didnt activate it, so I called Cricket and they said "You need to take it back to Walmart and exchange it, there is nothing we can do, it was a mistake on their part" I went to Walmart armed with this info and I couldnt find my receipt. They refused to do anything, even tho they made the error!!!

They SAID that even with a receipt they will not return the $130 I spent. Beware of buying electronics there......

Monetary Loss: $132.

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I work in the electronics department. If you were charged for the item then it WAS activated.

The register won't complete the transaction if the activation failed. The problem is with Cricket. They gave you an automated response to get you off the phone.

Find the reciept and call CRICKET back with your activation number which is on the reciept. Seriously why wouldn't you keep your activation number until yu were sure it was done activating?


Seriously? For something that expensive for an item, you'd think you'd keep up with the receipt whether you know you'll need it or not.

I've made sure to keep up with all of my expensive electronic receipts; in fact I still have them even, after years and years.

Why don't you start building a portfolio to keep your data in that is important to you, like phone plans and etc, instead of being a kid and expecting people to keep up things for you. Walmart is not your parent.


But this is not the case of the greeter taking the receipt. Even if it were the case they would return it back. this is a case of an adult acting like a five old and acting like she did nothing in the wrong when it was her who lost the receipt.


Well neither are s t u p i d and i d i o t, curse words and they don't allow those as well.


Oh, just in my previous comment....I expressed my statement using the word *** and in Satan's home, and the site **** for the word ***.

The word *** is not a curse word.


Maybe that person at the WalMart entrance-the ones that bug the *** out of everybody-took your receipt when they said let me see your receipt to see if you had paid for everything in your buggy just before you went out the door.

If these people at the entrances of WalMarts reach out for your receipt "DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH YOUR RECEIPT" instead, tell them they can look BUT NOT TOUCH YOUR RECEIPT!!!!!!!!


Don't buy any electronics from WalMart EVER!!!


Exactly the last sentence should not state. "Beware of buying electronics there.."

It should state, Beware of buying electronics there if you are careless and cannot hang on to a receipt. One would think an adult would admit their fault.


people need to learn how to keep something as simple as a receipt. when they lose it, they automatically blame everyone else.


How do they know you are not lying and claiming you lost your receipt. Remember if your story is true it was their fault for not activating the Cricket but whose fault was it that you lost the receipt.

You guessed it YOURS. Learn to be more responsible and this will not happen.

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