Carlisle, Pennsylvania

On December 16th, 2011 I looked online for a Christmas gift and found that had a 50.00 rollback on a dell computer. When I looked at the delivery to the store, it was for 12/23 and I wouldn't be in the area to pick it up. So I went to the Walmart to buy the computer (they had at least three in the locked cabinet). When I asked whether Walmart would match their online price, the sales person said no. I asked for a manager and she also said no. Finally, the assistant manager for the store, came out and again confirmed that the Walmart store would not match's price.

If you are thinking the products might be different, you would be incorrect. I had a printout of the product in my pocket and matched the number to the exact same number in the store. Walmart claims to have a price match but refused meet the policy online purchases at (in fact as I was sitting typing this note, the price match commercial came up on the television!).

It seems quite *** for Walmart not to honor their online price in the store if the product is in the store. Why would I have to go home, order the same product online and then return to the store to pick it up? It just doesn't make sense.

Needless to say I did not buy the product at Walmart.

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The price match policy is one that they will match a competitors price. is not a competitor.


Way to admit to retail fraud online. ***.


Just wanted to update all of you helpful, kind (insert sarcasm) people that wrote such colorful responses to my LalaLoopsy House story. Today, Walmart has the same house for 85.00 (almost 100.00 cheaper!) Yep, I bought it at the 85.00 price...

and then returned it for the 180.00 price!

Yay me! Guess it doesn't pay to be so stingy over $20.00!


You go girl! I agree they should match there own online prices since they do the ship to store. I would have don the same thing ;)


Is Google the same as droid bc I want an iPade too.


I shop at Walmart, therefore I don't know what an IP address is. Please clarify moderator...


Please note that the most recent "Sara" post was not me. Instead, it was some lame individual (using my name) who clearly needs a life.


Just had the same thing happen to us over a Lalaloopsy Playhouse. 149.00 online...

179.97 in store. Refused to price match. If I did site to store, it wouldn't arrive by Christmas for my daughter... Hence the reason for buying in store.

Very disappointed in the lack of flexibility and the negative impact on their ability to provide a decent customer experience is sad. Walmart wants to act as if they are the price matching kings, however they won't price match against themselves... They'd rather jip the customer.

My Plan B? Buy it in store for 179.97 and have it for Christmas.

Then order it online for 149.99 and do "site to store.". When it comes in, take my receipt from my original purchase and return it.

It's too bad Walmart makes customers go to this extent for (in my case) 20.00 when they could just earn customer loyalty by being easier to do business with. Instead...

Their inventory gets jacked up and I get 20.00 back. Could've been a win-win situation for us both, but nope.


nice attempt at trolling sara, walmart doesn't take back items over $50 without a receipt. You would have goten back the price you paid or nothing at all.


I Always order it online and pay for it and then use the "Free shipping to store with Site to Store" if it's in stock it will be ready within 4 hours and you pay the website price and have it waiting for you at the Customer service desk. COOL HUH, BE SMARTER THAN WAL-MART :grin


Stores are not required to match their online prices and most don't. clearly states that in store prices may vary.


Tasha, For the Last Time, and Former walmart employee have everything covered except for one thing. Life is unfair.

Not everything can be as perfect as you ungodly wish it to be. If it were as perfect as *YOU* want, then everyone would be bankrupt. Next thing we know, you'll be expecting a brand new 60" LED Flat Screen for $50 or less just cause you don't want it to be that expensive. Christ, grow up.

I'm 21 and even I have more respect towards retailers than you. Try owning a business, then you can complain.


I was gong to comment but it appears that Tasha, For the Last Time, and Former walmart employee have it covered. ;)


Walmart does not price match! Have you two idoits been living under a rock or what!


The reasoning behind this is really quite simple. If you want the item now, you pay a premium, otherwise you can order it and wait.

If the demand is high enough, the customer will pay the added markup to get it today. Also, the overhead and cost of running a store, keeping it (kind of) staffed, power, heating, etc. is much much higher than that of letting items sit in a warehouse. It is quite simply more cost effective to hold it in a warehouse until its ordered and send it to the store for pickup.

There isn't even added shipping costs because the items come packed in the same trucks as normal merchandise.

I understand the frustration, but people need to stop considering this as bad business.

In reality, from the business' point of view, this makes for higher profits and greater stockholder satisfaction. If you don't like it, feel free to shop a competitor; competitors' prices rarely beat WM, even if they do match their online prices.


Omg, I just went through that same hassle with walmart over a phone that was listed online for 99 bucks and in the store for almost 200. And also a tv that was listed online for 499 but in the store its 750.

I wonder why they pull this ***, but I think eventually someone will create a large superstore that will put their *** out of business. Maybe thats just wishful thinking, but one can hope :)