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We went to the Walmart on Summit BLVD in Broomfield on Saturday to buy a prepaid phone.The associate had a *** of a time running the cash register.

We decided that we wanted to return the phone and the phone minute card because we don't need it. Well, miss "I am better than you" wouldn't return any of the items. Said they have a 15 day policy for returns. So, without a receipt, they will do nothing to help the situation.

Even said "we can't look up the transaction with the credit card you used to pay the phone", which is dumb. Other retailers can look up the transactions without the receipt. They are going to *** off a customer over a $10 phone and a $30 phone card. Is this what Sam Walton taught his employees?

I guess so. *** off the customer and too bad. And Walmart wonders why they have had a big decrease in their sales across the board.

Needless to say, instead of going their to buy socks and underwear, we made a trip to Target instead.Screw Walmart and their unfair return policy and poor customer service!!!

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #795109

So, I think I'm actually starting to have fun on this site...

First, 14 day return policy.Over that, well even WITH a receipt you're probably screwed.

Why did it take until EXACTLY one day after that for you to decide you didn't need the phone again?

Second, While some stores will do not receipted returns, most are very strict or when they do they gives you a lower return than the original cost(Staples does it this way) Always Keep that Receipt..

Finally, almost all prepaid cards are non-returnable regardless.At best you would probably only ever have gotten the 10$ for the phone back.


2nd runner up: Dip$hit of the Year :grin

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #794220

Hmm one of the first things I learned when I started shopping was to ALWAYS keep my receipt...why on earth do you think they give you the receipt if they don't require it to process a return? Just because other retailers do it doesn't mean ALL of them do.


Most retailers don't even allow refunds on any form of electronic cards, so it's amazing Wal-Mart does.However, they have their policies which you unfortunately failed to follow.

Not all retailers have the ability to look up transactions via credit card.

Whether or not Walmart has the ability, does not make them obligated.Much like any other business, they have the right to refuse any return.


You probably rolled your receipt to smoke crack or sniff cocaine. Why else would you blame them for something that is your fault.

to Anonymous Bellevue, Washington, United States #798484


Titusville, Florida, United States #793961

How is this unfair?YOU lost the receipt.

Every retailer requires a receipt for returns.

It's not their responsibility to check every transaction, it's your responsibility to keep the receipt.Don't try and turn this back around on Walmart.


just don't used that credit card at TARGET or you will be in bad bad shape. they had all the credit cards numbers that they keep stolen OR was it that the people they hired stole them? something like that

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #793818

Yeah, Wal-Mart is going down because you will no longer shop there! I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart will not miss your whiny @$$!


Unfair?You have 15 days!

S.hit or get off the pot!And save your receipt!

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