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I would give a zero rating if I could. This is in regards to Walmart's online website as there is no place for me to write a review for them there.

This Christmas, I thought I would try ordering an XboxOne from Walmart online to give it to try. What a mistake that was. We had nothing but trouble in relation to this order. First UPS said they delivered the order but we never received the package.

Then after reporting it not being delivered, we have not had any help with getting a replacement for the missing package. I have done everything Walmart requested I do including filing a police report and contacting UPS. UPS has agree that the package is missing and that we never received it and I have FAXED Walmart a copy of my police report. Also they said part of the problem was the fact that we had stopped payment for this item and that our credit card company needed to contact them.

So we had our credit card company talk with someone in accounting and assured Walmart that they would be paid once the package was shipped out. Now Walmart is saying that it is still because of the charge back which is ridiculous. Another thing, none of the customer service reps ever told us that they could not authorize a replacement for the XBoxOne. This was another issue.

One of the customer service representatives also told us that he had talked to a supervisor and got an ok to put our request through. I'm very frustrated and upset by the lack of communication between the customer services reps and the ones who are able to approve our request for a replacement. The last person we talked with was someone who claimed she was the administrative assistant to the Vice President of Walmart and once again we were given the run around again she still said it was because of the charge back. Now I am just sick and tired of all the red tape and hoops we have to do to try and get our son the replacement that we deserve and I think its because Walmart wants us to give up and not ask for one.

If this is how you do business, then you will never get any more from me or my family.

I will also tell my friends and other family members not to shop at Walmart, especially not online. I am so disappointed and will never use your online website for anything again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Replacement of lost package.

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I just had this happen to me. Ordered an Oculus Quest that was never delivered.

Security camera points to the delivery point. No delivery man. Fedex told me that they were unable to locate the package and would cover the cost of replacement but that walmart would have to file the claim and reimburse onto the purchasing card.

Nope. They flat out refuse.


I entrusted Walmart to Stand behind there promise when I decided to purchase my daughters only Xmas present from me . Her scout ride on pony ..

I ordered it way ahead of date “December 13th “ to insure I would get the package with time to spare .. I was told the package would be here by the 20th of December .. The 20th came and went . Now after several hours with coustomer support they have realized that the package was lost ..

There solution was to re order it which meant that it would be here after the new year.. Or to refund my purchase which meant my money would not be back in my account until after about seven days which would still leave me completely screwed.... I was very clear over and over that this was unexceptable.. My daughter would not have a present to open !!

Why couldn’t they over night it ??? Because it would be without doubt be here on time .. And I know without a doubt that overnighting it is possible. There answer was because I didn’t pay for overnight on the original order ...

It was Walmart’s responsibility to make it right. I’m at a complete loss with this and furious with the lack of concern or or respectable resolution. The most rediclious part is that I can drive less than a mile down the street and pick up the ride on pony because my local Walmart has them in stock... But costomer service dose not have the time or concern to forward my purchase to that store so I can get the item I payed for as a Xmas gift..

I have no doubts that this is a possibility as well because I have had a similar situation with sears and they did exactly that. This is hands down the worst coustomer service I have ever had.


You shouldn't have stopped payment so early in the process. Walmart:1 Dumbass:0


When you stopped payment before you talked to Walmart, you cost them a lot of time and money and fees that your bank will charge Walmart. And you want them to send you a new Xbox and hope that you will undo the stop payment?

Talk to the merchant when something goes wrong only after they fail you do you dispute with your bank. 100% your fault.


It happened to me also.


I have had this problem twice it Is not the company it is usps they said it was delivered packages never received but I do agree the company does not help cause they blame the mail service which I understand too its just sad to order a package for someone and it never comes but its also sad cause they have found mail carriers who steal people stuff cause there is no way to prove they did not leave it at your door so they just take it but eventually enough complaints on the same carrier they get caught dosent help the victims of this but whoever keeps doing that will pay for it eventually but this has happened many times


No one will mistake you for being a Walmart employee as you have freely admitted here they won't hire you!

If you had basic reading comprenhension skills you would see that I am referring to anonymous.


Yall stop lying. You got your packages. The customer is always right ends when they start stealing from you.

-Best regards

Account Specialist


If you read the post they said UPS admitting to the package being lost but still Walmart won't help them. You must work for Walmart.


I like how you people make the assumption that because a person posts a comment telling them they are wrong they work for the company. You must be slow.

If UPS lost the product they are responsible not Walmart. I would say you work for UPs, but you are obviously too slow to own a job as washroom cleaner let alone UPS driver.


and nobody is going too miss entitled customers. It's not the store employees or managers fault that the drivers goof up the customers orders!


No one will mistake you for being a Walmart employee as you have freely admitted here they won't hire you!


I actually work for Walmart and I couldn't give 2 *** if customers lose packages or if they are stealing from Walmart. I get paid either way so why would anyone assume that Walmart employees go home and eagerly defend Walmart online? We simply don't care, lol.


Who do you think you are calling people liars. There are some people that do lie but a lot of people truly do not receive their packages which is very upsetting since you already paid for the item. This is why I know always have my orders shipped directly to the store.


People are allowed to call out entitled people. Learn the difference.


Me either, I got a exact same horrible experience as you got.

I just bought a cell phone from walmart on MID NOV.2015 ,and never got the item. I did try to contact their customer service,I bought it from online ,they refused to give me a refund or replacement.

It is very very terrible case I got. Never got things like that, and very bad customer service, keep asking me to file the police report and then might be got the solution for my case. It is very ridiculars ,who got lost the item, it is the carrier-FedEx, why do they ask me to get a report ? I paid the money and got this trouble thing,waste my money and time to responds this and reply that.

And no refund. You can't believe walmart has stock and so many store, they can treat their customer like that bad way. They stole my money.

I located in New York. I would like to share my experience with everyone.


I too had a horrible experience dealing with an online purchase that never arrived. The customer service must be located in Mexico because the emails that I received were signed with Spanish names and their were numerous misspelled words and things lost in translation.

The told me I needed to return the item in order to get a refund. But the item never arrived in the package with the others that I did return. They would issue me a refund on the item I paid for but never received. I used PayPal to file a dispute and PayPal sided with Walmart, obviously they didn't read my complaint or they too don't understand English.

They said there was no proof the item was delivered. Of course there was no proof, because it was never delivered. What happened to the customer is always right? I will never do business with Walmart or PayPal again.

I paid money for goods and never received it. As far as I am concerned they stole my money.

@Shame on Walmart

The customer is not right when they try to bend the rules, and steal from you. It is people like you who is making company's make their rules tougher.

It used to be that stores allowed returns without receipts way back because everyone loses receipts once in a while, but thieves like you taking advantage of this made them more strict. This is not the first company that you had the same issue of having your money "stolen"


You must work for Walmatt. lol


Like I said you are slow if you think someone works for a company when they tell the customer they are wrong. Go back to school before making uneducated comments.