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I ordered a bunch of items from WalMart and I did not receive all of my items. It was a big order and so it was spread out among several shipments.

At first, everything was arriving on time or early and everything was fine. Then, inexplicably, I get 2 e-mails over the weekend, one on May 9, and another on May 10, that said that my items were shipped and would arrive Friday, May 8, and Thursday, May 7, respectively (so basically back in time). I tried contacting Walmart through both e-mail and phone but they refused to reship the items or issue a refund as it was already "signed for." Despite the fact that there are 3 separate shipments with the same tracking number, and even if they were considered one shipment, which they weren't, because 3 different e-mails were sent out for three different shipments, all of the items listed under the same tracking number could not possibly fit in one box. Just the 30-lb bag of cat food and the underbed storage alone would not fit in one box.

Not only that, but the person signing for the box wasn't me. It was someone else, so what is the point of having them signed for if just anybody can sign for them? I spent 2 hours on the phone arguing with them, and at the end of the day, they basically told me "tough ***" and to contact my credit card to dispute the charges, which I am doing currently. Fedex still hasn't bothered to help me out either.

I am very upset by this. The majority of the items missing are clothing for my baby, which makes it even harder for me. I have included screenshots of the e-mails I got as evidence of all this. Unfortunately, the one e-mail for underbed storage was deleted, as I had already received it, so thought I did not need it anymore, and Hotmail has already gotten rid of it permanently.

So, instead, I have included a picture of the order from the Walmart site.

Personally, I will no longer shop at Walmart anymore because of this, and I would recommend to anyone reading this not to order anything from them, because if someone comes up missing, and it likely will, they will not help you out in any way and just expect you to take it. I always thought the mantra was "the customer was always right." I guess not if you already got their money.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $115.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Did not get items, Bad customer service, Hung up on me.

  • incompetent customer service
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Did you receive the storage set? If you did was it signed for?

By You? If it had the same tracking number and shows as signed for and delivered, every time they enter that tracking number will show as delivered even though the other items weren't there. I've looked up your tracking number, this tracking number shows 2 shipments one delivered, I believe the storage set? 24.1 lbs and delivered to Los Angeles from Fort Worth, TX.

and signed for by RVILLATORO on 5/6/2015 at 3:27 pm. The next one that shows with the same tracking number is 7.1 lbs, is going to Guilford, CT from Forth Worth, TX, shows only label created and shipment info sent to FedEx. The date shown is 3/11/2014. Seems like there was a label already created for this tracking number but not used and then reused on your order.

The delivered package shows that it is 24.1 lbs and it also shows that it is only a 28x18x15in box.

That could be used to help your case, contact them and tell them you wish to escalate the matter and want to speak to someone higher up, when they transfer you explain what you can and tell them you have pictures as proof that you had separate shipments with the same tracking number. Also, that there is another shipment listed on FedEx's website with the same tracking number from 2014. Each box shipped should have a different tracking number, everything I order that is shipped separately has it's own tracking.

The system or worker had to mess up somewhere, but, I don't know exactly how that would happen without still have sending the packages out. I mean they should've still been delivered since they were traveling together with the same name and address, or they were never shipped out at all and this was done on purpose so it looked like they shipped your items but didn't.