Boaz, Alabama

Went To Walmart In Boaz Alabama After I Got Off Of Work It Was Around 2:00 Am...And Only Self Check Out Was Open...So I Walked Out..Idk Why Non Of The Resisters Was Open...I Will Not Go Back...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Melbourne, Florida, United States #973582

I agree with Kevin, it's 2AM. There were no registers open, because it's 2AM.

Most stores are closed at 2AM, atleast Walmart was open. You said you will not go back, good luck finding another store open at 2AM.

Orange, California, United States #973534

You went out at 2 am they don't have many customers at that time so that is why there are only self checkouts. Why did you walk out.

Are you that desperate for someone to talk to. Also just so you know I have reported this post to the police. It is obvious that you are a child and there are laws against hiring seven year old children such as yourself. I noticed you went to the store after work.

Well there are laws against hiring children in the first place let alone making children work late at night. Do your parents know you are working this late. At this time you should be in bed, especially on a school night. If you were an adult you would know at 2 am they don't have many customers so they don't have the cashiers.

That it would not be worth paying them.

Then again perhaps you could not use this simple logic because you missed too many days of school? I mean if it were 7pm and you posted this I could see your point, but at 2am?

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