The salem ohio walmart has the most rude people working there.I was there on 4/22/15 at 6am.a guy in front of me was checking out he went to pay with a check they asked for i.d he didn't have it on him.so he told them he didn't want the merchandise.casher voided everything. Then the manager told him he did not need an I.d he said ok.so they rang everything back up so he gave them his check they put it in the register and then the manager asked him for his I.d after he told them he didnt have it.these employees in salem walmart are not very smart the entire store is like that.people should just stop shopping their excluding me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So people should stop shopping there....excluding you? This would mean that you should continue to shop there but nobody else.

You claim that they're not very smart??? Hmmm


Sometimes it isn't that they don't trust the customer. Sometimes when they run a check through a message pops up on their screen asking what the persons ID number is.

They have to enter it and then enter the phone number that is sometimes found on the check.

It was the system. So it wasn't that they were trying to be rude.


There. People should stop shopping there. There and their are not interchangeable.

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