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As I pushed my cart to the entrance of the tobacco register I noticed the register was closed. I then entered the line next to that register assuming this cashier could process my transaction with the addition of a tobacco product.

This line was rather long and witin 2 minutes a manager asked me if I wished to purchase a tobacco product. I stated "yes mam." She then told me they could check me out down in the self checkout area at register 51. I asked the people in front of me if she was serious about there being a register 51. I then asked her if she did in fact say registe 51.

She said "yes". We all laughed and then I walked down to the self check out area and a cashier began to check me out. After she rang me up I asked her if I could get a tobacco product. She then told me that she could not ring up tobacco at this register and I would have to go back to the register I was previously at.

So, I paid for my groceries and then walked back to the line I was previously in and the line was backed into the store.

Needless to say I left. My question is why is the tobacco line closed and why would a manager tell me to go to a register that does not exist?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Register 51 and/or 52 is the podium that stands in front of the self check registers. I really don't understand why this is funny...

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