The last trip we made to walmart will be my last. We had a cart overflowing with groceries and two cases of beer.

We put one case of beer on the belt and asked the guy to scan it twice. After all of our stuff was paid for we got to the door and the door clerk noticed we had only been charged for one case of beer. So no big deal, we went back and paid for the second one. When we walked out the second time the police were there and followed us to the car to check our receipts.

Making us feel like straight criminals when we did nothing wrong. I will never shop at walmart again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This review makes no sense. Why would they call the cops anyway after you paid for the second case of beer? Unless you aren't being truthful.

to musicman88 Los Angeles, California, United States #971840

Walmart obviously called the cops when they discovered the 2nd case hadn't been paid for even though he went back and paid for it. I read online where Whole Foods called the cops because of a case of water in the bottom that was forgotten about.

It is the responsibility of the store's cashier to make sure that all items in the bottom of the buggy has been scanned. So, it was Walmart's fault that the 2nd beer wasn't scanned.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #968382

It's also suspect that somehow the police arrived by the time you paid for the second case. That's a pretty fast response time for supposed shop lifting.


There is more to this story that your not telling.

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