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Went to walmart in spearfish. The cashier was really disrespectful.

they sell liquor there and my fiance was with her parents 23 years of age they ask for ID to parents tried to buy alcohol I was outside waiting for them when she called me cuz I have her id. when I return to the store to try to give the cash register her ID she would not take it and told us we had to get the groceries all over again. This makes me mad. When i came in side to present her id cash register lady would not even look at it.

I even asked her if he could pay for it all at customer service. She said. This really mkes me upset. U can reach me at this number.

307-622-6892. My name is Stuart.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #997728

You sound like a crying baby. No body wants to take the responsibility of guessing someone's age in error.

The store is required to verify ID by law so it needs to be proven. It's too bad that you need to wait in line all over again, but if you were NOT ready to check out, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND THEIR TIME. It's a simple rule.

You should be pissed off at yourself mostly since you are entirely at fault. Duh!


Poor Stuart, you were slightly inconvenienced. Your poor, poor baby.

What were you doing with your fiance's ID anyway. It should have been on her person, not with you. Even if you were married, it should have been on your fiance's person.

For your information this isn't the website for WalMart. You are on a general complaint site.

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