Sacramento, California
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On 6/29 at approximately 5pm at the Walmart on florin rd there's a cashier name Rhural or Khural Indian women on reg 3 claiming that she cannot help me because I am using my Wic vouchers and that she had to assist other customers since this is a speedy check out line. I am not impressed by how she handle the situation when before I had been assisted at the 20 items or less line couple times before and refused to service me. This is unacceptable and should be addressed with this direct individual.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The only person that should be addressed is you. The people paying taxes should be addressing you.

They work their butts off and you just get a free check every month to feed yourself. At least she has a job and does not sit at home all day collecting money from the government that comes from tax payers money. I am disgusted that you have internet access while taking money for tax payers. It is nice knowing tax money goes to give free internet access to *** like you.

GET A JOB. The fact that you are on WIC and the fact that you think that in a fast check out makes it obvious you have entitlement issues. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this. You are not entitled to hold up the line.

Especially since the people inconvenienced by you holding up the line are tax payers. That is right the people who work hard so you can eat.


KevinRichards it's clear that you need a bit of an education about WIC. The mere fact that the lady receives WIC doesn't mean she necessarily gets a free check every month, WIC in case you didn't know is a supplementary program only for women who are pregnant, infants and children up to a certain age.

These programs only allow certain types of foods like cereals, milk, cheese, eggs baby food and formula (I'm sure there are just a few others) to help with nutritional needs of this select group. In addition a family of four can make up to 44,863 gross income annually and still qualify. I'm sure each state has it's various criteria that must be met but don't just assume that everyone with WIC or food stamps is getting a free ride or feels entitled. By the way in case you were wondering I don't receive food stamps or wic but I have in the past so I know what it's like being on either side of this issue.

As for your get a job statement that was just nasty. Why don't you try to treat others the way you would like to be treated.


Justme is probably one of those very wealthy oligarchs that would never share a meal or table with the true downtrodden. Kevin only states facts.


These people should not be having children if they cannot afford them. That is the whole point.

This woman needs to find out her baby/babies father/fathers and have them pay to feed the child.

If she cannot do that she needs to stop spreading her legs. She should be ashamed of demanding more when she takes enough already.


Right on brother!