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Walmart makes too much money for there to be TWO registers open at a 24 hour location on a friday night at 11:30 pm...pathetic...absolutely pitiful...hire more workers and treat them them what they are should be ashamed...the devil

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #893854

If WalMart really paid "workers" what they are worth, they would make about a dollar an hour. From what I see at all, and I mean all WalMarts they don't have the best and brightest people on the payroll.

That being said, WalMart has taken to reducing the number of open lanes in order to cut labor costs.

I stopped going to WalMart for this reason plus the rude, *** and lazy workforce encountered there. Best to shop elsewhere.

to nikalseyn #894194

Is that why you felt you needed to steal the pen from Walmart, because you were only paid what you were worth. For you it would be ten cents an hour. You used to work there remember, and you were fired for borrowing a pen.

to KevinRichards #894507

Get a life dude, you spend all your time here making *** remarks. You must be totally bored and a loser.

to Anonymous #894595

If you read one of his reviews you would see that they made a complaint about this company when they stole a pen and got fired. Claimed it was unfair. Don't like me telling the truth GTFO and STFU.


Yeah they make too much money to only have two registers open, but however at this time only low lives come to the store, so they don't make much money so they supposedly have more open earlier on. Have your mother explain business to you. I am sure you can wait a few minutes even though it is way past your bedtime.

to KevinRichards #894509

You must be wheelchair bound and bored as ***. Find a hobby and go change your adult diapers.

to Anonymous #894596

You seem to be six years old, only a six year old would come up with this kind of response, what is wrong did you become messed up after the "special" camping trip with your perverted uncle?

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