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Honestly they need to create a split shift you don't shut down all the registers for breakfast lunch or dinner that's why you hire enough staff to hold the fort while others are at lunch when a person is sick the first thing they want is their medicine and the last thing they need is an incompetent system that has them waiting for hours because Walmart cant get it together.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #915792

You need mommy or daddy to teach you about your the laws. By laws a pharmacist must be working.

That is why the whole pharmacy closes down. If a pharmacist is not working they cannot keep it open.

The cashiers are not pharmacists. If they hired a spare pharmacist it would cost a lot of money for them, that would mean they have to raise prices, you may not care since mommy and daddy buy everything for you but your parents would not be happy with that.

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