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PRODUCT REPLACEMENT PLAN is a RIPOFF... Do not purchase it!!

While purchasing an Acer Tablet Dec. 2011 I was persuaded to purchase a Total Hassle Free Wal-Mart Replacement Plan, by being told it was 100% coverage. It would be as easy as picking up the phone an making a call explaining the problem. I'd have a replacement the next day or so. As a matter of fact I'd have a total of 3 yrs complete coverage...(1yr manufacture 2yr Walmart).Sounded great, so we purchased it... Fast foward..a year later we had a problem with the screen going white at times.... I called customer service an was told they would give me list of repairman in my area.... That was the first problem. Then my grandson dropped it an cracked the screen =(.. I tried to file a claim online atleast 10 times with no luck. I was finally able to reach someone by phone. Only to be told, So sorry ... your claim has has expired.... I said, no way. I was told when I purchased it... 1 yr manufacturer 2 yrs Walmart no hassle repacement....(total of 3 yrs). So sorry to hear that.. we changed that policy in 2012 at which point we started following manufacturers replacment timeline.. I said okay, you changed it in 2012, I purchased this before your policy changes in 2011.. In a very loud an hateful voice I was told, I'm sorry your policy is expired... Please explain to me how your item be covered, then when you try to file a claim its not...

I'm done with Wal-Mart's Replacement Plans they are totally useless... This is the 3td or 4th time I've tried to replace an item that we purchased insurance and they always a reason why not to... I'm upset and aggravated with this type of fraudulent actions.. Im wondering if the associate's get some type of commission on the # they sale..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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