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I bought the hkc tablet for my daughters birthday too. It worked for on day, the second day it became extremely hot, and froze.

We heard a pop sound and colorful lines appeared on the screen. Took it back to walmart and they told me they wouldnt replace it because WE cracked it. It cracked from the inside when it became hot. I called walmart.com bc we ordered it on line, and the told me it was past 15 days (or 10-I cant remember now) since I ordered it (including shipping time) and they wouldnt exchange or refund.

Keep in mind it took over half of the 10 -15 days to ship it to me.

That wasn't fair to include days that i physically didnt have the item. Walmart is a rip off, so is HKC because their customer service line doesnt even exist....DO NOT BUY HKC, NOR ELECTRONICS FROM WALMART!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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The almost same thing happened to us. We bought the tablet online from Walmart and not soon after we got it, it stopped charging.

We went to Walmart and they said to call the service number. They gave number for HKC and we never got an answer. We got the e-mail and never got an answer to our 14 e-mails sent.

We have stopped going to Walmart and obviously will never buy HKC anything.