I am at the moment a disabled person for i underwent surgery for a total knee replacement. I have to shop on their electric motorized wheelchair for i cannot walk threw the store just yet.

I was treated very rudely at there deli, it was very difficult getting down alot of isles cause there were displays in the way, i could not reach alot of the items on the shelves because they were too high up, and omg trying to get into the bathroom with a motorized wheelchair and out was unspeakable. I wish there was a better organized store that would cater to handicapped people i was so upset and flustered by the time i left.

I know i will not be handicapped for long but i feel for the people that are.Walmart needs to have more for the hhandicapped people and they should really interview their employees alittle better. This older lady that was in the deli at their goshen store was really rude and didnt help at all i finally had to speak up and ask if anyone was going to wait on me i was not rude or bitchy at all to give anyone a reason not to want to wait on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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You sound like an entitled selfish brat, get over yourself. The layout of the store was fine for YEARS before you had a knee replacement, but now you see the world through new eyes and have decided Wal-mart has been wrong all along. You poor slightly inconvenienced baby I feel sooooo sorry for you.


Electric carts don't fit in bathrooms.. I tried! LOL!


What do you want them to do, put everything within four feet high and lower their shelves, move all the displays and make more disabled washrooms. You seem to want preferred treatment because you are disabled, screw the rest of the world.

This is the way most stores are, don't like it take someone shopping to help you. They should not have to lower the items on the shelf and remove sellable items other people want just to cater to selfish and self centered you.


I use the motorized carts in various WalMarts all the time. I have never had trouble when I ask an employee to reach something for me.

I have also seen people use grabbers when they are on those carts. Being your handicap is temporary, don't you have anybody that could go with you to help you. Any WalMart bathroom that I have been in is big enough to get into and turn around on one of those carts. Granted you can't take it into the handicapped stall, but you can get close to the stall.

Also being you could walk into the store, you should be able to stand up somewhat to reach items on the shelves.

I have also politely asked other customers if they could reach items for me too, and they are perfectly willing to help out.

to anonymous #867236

The difference between you and the OP is you do not want preferred treatment because you are disable, while this employee wants it. She seems to want them to lower their shelves and cater to her needs. Next she will demand that the employees bend down and look in her face when she wants help.

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