Lakemont, Georgia
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Mother is 76 yrs. Old & is recovering from second knee replacement.

I take her to walmart #75 often. I go inside store, bring their handicap scooter to car so she may enter store. Upon leaving we are told we may not take scooter now loaded w/ groceries outside to our car. My Mom replies, "how am I going to get me & my groceries to my car?" No answer.

We go to car w/groceries cart and Mom anyway.

This new policy sucks. So does walmart #75.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What happens is people take them to their cars and just leave them there. Then if it rains on them they are damaged plus they are easy to steal.

If you're so lazy you can't take the groceries out in a regular cart you can always drive your car closer to the door and do it that way.

Then, of course, you completely disregarded their instructions and did it anyway. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


It's not a new policy. It's actually always been a policy that many people such as yourself choose to not follow.

If you can read, there's a sign on those carts that say to not take it outside of the store. That is a policy for a reason. Those carts are expensive and they ARE a courtesy. They are not required to carry those carts.

From caregiver to so called "caregiver" you should be thinking of those carts as a blessing. I had to shop for my grandfather, had no complaints. He was so bad off that he couldn't even use those carts. He had to have 24/7 care.

If I can do it you sure as *** can too. If you are not going to help her then why do you even bother going?


"How am I going to get me and my groceries to my car?" Don't you have a daughter right there to help with that?


I don't believe you. Even walmart employees aren't that heartless.

And you should do her shopping for her instead of dragging her through the store. Plus, why would they let you take the cart outside when you got there but not when you leave?

Makes no sense. Try Target.


Where I live people have never been able to take the motorized carts out into the parking lot. People transfer their groceries into a regular shopping cart and take that out.

It isn't safe to take the motorized carts out into the parking lot. IF the only groceries your mother had were the ones that were in the basket of the cart there was no reason that you, yourself couldn't have carried the bags to the car.

Another solution is that you could have drove the car up to the door and loaded your mother and the groceries that way. Another solution would be, IF your mother is so disabled in her recovery, you could have left her home and did her shopping for her.