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I just now needed to refill my prescriptions. It is still a holiday week so it will be hard to contact my doctor's office and have prescriptions moved to another pharmacy.

So, in order to refill my prescriptions with Walmart, they had me go through a one time authentication process in order to have the refills be ordered. The regular name, dob, and address seemed fine to me. But then it had a questionnaire by Experian, asking me questions pertaining to my credit information I had to fill out or it wouldn't let me proceed.

I don't believe their little disclaimer that the information is not attached, now Experian will have information about my prescriptions they can keep in some secret database somewhere. Outrageous!

Walmart Cons: Experian questionnaire just to get my medications refilled.

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I know my life better than Experian. I have tried the questionnaire several times and Experian keeps telling me I am wrong with my answers.

I know my age, I know my license plate, and I know what car I bought 3 years ago.

What is the issue? Please tell me how I can get your express pharmacy app to work for me?


Still I don’t want experian to be involved with my pharmacy I’m going to Cigna pharm from now on screw Walmart an experian cancelling today 7-8-18


Are you a bit slow?? Your info is already out there!

You gave it to you doctors. You gave that info to Wally World and you gave that info at DMV. Also just because your insurance covers they costs for you, another cyber entity you have also given info to, doesn’t mean that they are not expensive. They use it to ensure that YOU get your medication and that Walmart isn’t being stolen from.

It is what it is and has NOTHING to do with you personally. It’s a security measure. No different then putting in your pin code for a debit purchase.

Sorry to say this but there are so many companies/cyber entities/ government databases that already have your personal info. It’s a bit late to be worrying about ID THEFT at this point.


pretty pissed too.


The questionnaire was probably identity verification. Meaning they already had your credit information, and they used that to make sure you are actually you. That part is kept separate from the list of medications you receive, so Experian does not have that data.



Your complaint needs to be directed to Experian instead of Walmart.

Experian is requesting this, so complain to them.


I work in healthcare technology industry.

This you describe is identity verification. Making sure you are who you say you are and no one is trying to steal your identity and your medications/health insurance.

It is not part of the pharmacy but a sub-application. Experian is not getting your prescription information.


The same Experian who suffered a massive *** recently.


No, that was Equifax and they are still doing the same things.