Statesboro, Georgia
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I went to statesboro ga. walmart right off hwy 80 on july 1st 2015. I was with my girlfriend. We got several food items and she got a few tops for her. Like usual, there was only 3 lines with people so we went to the self check out. My back was turned the whole time. I heard her say the scanner had double scanned something. I told her to find somebody to help her. She said she could not find anyone. She said she had it figured out so I put $50.00 in and got some change back. Just as we walked out the area 2 older ladies stopped us and asked for my checkout ticket. I gave it to them they checked everything in the cart and told us we were alright. We took about 2 steps then this younger black arrogant male told me to pull the cart over and come in a small room. There were 3 grown men and me and my girlfriend in a very small room. I had not taken my meds. that day and was having chest pains. They kept talking and more people started coming in. They said I was guilty because I pushed the cart even tho my back was turned the whole time my girlfriend was checking out. They finally called ems to check me. They wanted to take me to the hospital but I told them I had no money to pay for the hospital. They made me sign something and they left. Then the Statesboro police came and cuffed me and my girlfriend and took us to the bulloch county jail. When I got there they made me empty my wallet and took $151.00 cash. They held me from about 1:00p until my sister in law paid $125.00 to get me out. My girlfriend spent 16 days in jail because of this *** *** ***. I feel that walmart owes me $275.00 and more for sitting in jail for 7 hours for something i did not do. I went to jail to plead. pled not guilty. They set another date for me to face my accuser. When I was called I wet in front of the judge. Walmart had not sent anyone to court so the judge threw it out.(Check on this if you wish).

Now for the latest BS. Today at 1:00 PM. me and my girlfriend went and bought about $20.00 worth of groceries. as we were checking out the arrogant young black guy walked up to me and said "You know you are not supposed to be in this store" I said no why? He said I had signed a paper saying I would be charged with criminal trespassing if I came on the property again. I told him I did not remember any thing like that but with all the people in the room I could have signed anything. I told him the charge of shoplifting had been thrown out in court because no one from Walmart had shown up. (Check if you wish). He said He had shown up, it was I that did not show up. That is a bare faced lie. My girlfriend heard it all. Again check on the case. My name is William Ronnie Carnes. I feel the only thing that would be adequate with everything you all have done to me and the money I am out of is for the arrogant black security guard to be dismissal a formal apology from the store manager and the dumb *** criminal trespassing be dismissed. I will await your decision before hiring legal representation to right this wrong.


Ronnie W Carnes

PS: I am 62 years old and have a clean record. (Check on this)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: To never shop at walmart again.

Walmart Cons: Customer care, Cashiner attitude.

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Get a free consult with an attorney and follow his advice as to what, if anything you can do. As for shopping at WalMart, that's an easy decision---shop elsewhere. You might want to find a girlfriend who doesn't have sticky fingers---just a thought, for the future.


It should not be too big a burden to stay away from Walmart. You have done everything right, but what is the gain to spend more time on this.