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On numerous ocasiones I attempt to use the family restroom with ,my family, only to find that it is occupied by an employee. This is extremely agitating as I DO have a legitimate reason to use the facility, hence family restroom, and employees use it for personal preference. My husband comes to the store with our daughter and son and has come accross this issue as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Restroom Facility.

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Don't know about other people, but the family restroom are also for the handicap. At the canadaigua, n.y.

store the other bathrooms are right next to the family one., but. Anyone will use the family bathroom.


WHere do YOU want THEM to use the bathroom at? YOUR car maybe?

Perhaps YOU will open your own home doors and allow them to use YOUR facilities. No? Then STFU!!!!! There is NO EMPLOYEE BATHROOM!!!!

They have to use the EXACT SAME ONE YOU DO!!!!! Show a LITTLE respect for those that serve YOU!!!! Silly little mouth breather!!!! LEARN TO WAIT YOUR TURN!!!!!

The employee has MORE of a right to use that facility THEN YOU DO!!!!! THEY spend 8-12 hours of their day AT WORK!! YOU are there MAYBE 30 mins. THEY have to clean up the mess YOU and YOUR CHILDREN MAKE because YOU WONT!!!!!

YOU truly sicken me with YOUR self entitlement.

It ONLY goes to show that YOU are trash and have ZERO respect for ANYONE ELSE!!! Do the web a favor and GO AWAY!!!!!

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1317198

The issue is not the employee using the washroom in the store. The issue is they are using the family washroom rather than the other washrooms. Now if they were cleaning it I can understand, and the could be the case, but remember the family that pees together stays together.

to Anonymous #1321416

Is this the only flavor you come in? All your posts are exactly the same lol

to Anonymous Moline, Illinois, United States #1323199

There is very seldom an employee there that works 8-12 hrs.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1316668

I don't know why you'd want to use the bathroom with your family. That's usually more of a private event.

to Shaggsloco22 #1321415

They're called small children.


***...... everyone on the earth needs to use the bathroom, NOT JUST YOUR KIDS

seems like you're one of those people who expect everyone to bend over backwards because you've got kids

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1314299

Sure, because that employee doesn't have to use the bathroom. After all, they're not a human and they're just playing around in there, right?

What the *** is wrong with you, lady? Don't you go to the bathroom before you leave the house since this is such a problem for you or do you just like to complain and treat people like ***?

to realm188 Ontario, Canada #1316947

He could be wanking off to nudie magazines.

to Zack2001 Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States #1316950

You make it sound like there is a problem with that, but he should be working instead, there is a time and place for everything, it's called break time, or lunch time.

to Zack2001 Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States #1316952

Also wanking off is such a childish way to phrase this, just call it the normal thing, you know choking the chicken.

to Peter99 Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1316957

Wanking off and choking the chicken lol. Y'all crack me up.

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