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Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Walmart...

I will post their reply here if / when I get one...

Dear Walmart. I feel I need to comment on the service I received at your store on March 31st 2010 (Ceres, California Store)

I was returning a computer that was bad. This was well within the 15 day return policy that is stated on the receipt and on the box, and I had called the support number on the box 3 or 4 times for different issues with the machine. Day 1 I could not burn the factor CD, and support said they would mail me one out. After this, the computer would not recognize the CD drive, and would not eject the CD - this was resolved calling the support number. Then I could not secure the wireless network card in to the motherboard - it fit very loose and I wasn't happy leaving it like that so I took it out and connected a cable rather than going wireless. A few days later the computer would not boot up, it had power but gave one long continuous beep indicating an error - I spoke with support again and they suggested returning it for repair after trying some other things, during which time we did get it to boot up, but then it wasn't reading the full memory, switched memory from slots 1 and 2 to slots 3 and 4 and only 1 slot worked. I told support I didn't want to send it for repair as they suggested as its a new computer and I would return it to walmart under the 15 days policy and get a new one rather than a faulty repaired one. (I simply want what I paid for).

On my way home from work on March 31st, I stopped by the Walmart in Turlock and purchased a replacement computer and went home. I packed the bad computer in the new box and returned it to Walmart in Ceres where I purchased the original computer. Let me say at this point, I love your little greeters - always friendly and helpful. The first complaint I have is that after waiting in line, I was taken by an employee to the side of the customer service counter, she then tried to process me on a computer that was already being used and the other girl had to tell her she was in the middle of doing another refund right then she would have to wait. After a few minutes I was passed to another girl while the people who were behind me in the line were already being taken care of. It seemed like alot of confusion.

At one point I had at least 3 girls assisting me (at the same time) asking questions to each other and serving other people at the same time. I'm sure this is not normal and needs to be addressed. After being in the store about half an hour, they told me that because the computer was not in the original box they could not accept the return. I explained again to 2 other girls who were again trying to assist that I had already purchased a replacement from the Turlock store and simply used the same box to bring this one in. I was getting annoyed at having to explain the same thing to so many people. She said we can't accept it.

I now understand the box has a serial number and should match the product. However the product itself also has the serial number and did match the receipt, so it would have been easy to match the product serial number against the receipt. All this hassle over a cardboard box? At this point I would like to state that no where on the receipt, the box or the policy hanging above the returns counter does it state returns have to be in the original box and this is something that needs to be changed if you insist on enforcing such a policy. Never the less, I took the trip back home, put the computer in the old box and returned it again.

The final problem I had with the computer before returning it was with the memory, while speaking with support and trying to resolve the issue, he had me to remove it from slots 1 and 2 and put it in slots 3 and 4. 1 of the 2 sticks worked in one of the slots 3 or 4 but not the other one, when I put them back in slots 1 and 2 neither worked. After returning the computer to Walmart, I found I had forgot to include the 2 faulty sticks. I'm surprised the returns staff didn't notice this when accepting the item back (again it would seem further training is needed). Therefore I still have these in my possession, let me know what you would like me to do with them.

I would also like to say the girls assisting me did not apoligize a single time, either to me or as I was in line observing, to any of the other customers who had problems. I presume your train 'customer service' counter staff to be customer friendly, something very lacking at this store. I work at a Motel front desk and if we treated our guests that way, we have no guests and staff would be fired.

When I returned with the original box, I also asked what would have happened if I hadn't still had the old box? and the girl told me 'I don't throw away any boxes until I know I'm keeping something' well you know what, I'm not her, I live in a small 1 bedroom home and don't have room to keep boxes and I would have probably throw it away because planned on keeping it had it worked properly!. Her attitude was very bad. She again stated they wouldn't have been able to take the return without the box. I think its important that you specify such a policy where it is clearly seen by all. I see the policy is stated on the website but could not find it in store, on the receipt or on the returns advice label on the box.

I trust these comments will be forwarded to the Store Manager and I look forward to hearing from you.

Darren Phillips.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $398.

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Interestingly, the 2nd paragraph under return policy states that returns must be in the original packaging.


I just want you to know that you probably cost the poor counter girls who were trying to helo their jobs. Nice!

David L

Why are you so upset because you didn't hear the words "I/We appologise" for the misunderstanding. THEY ARE NOT SORRY..you know it and they know it so what difference does it make? Stop crying you baby!!!!


I am Darren Phillips and rainbows make me cry! Also I am just like YOU, I love grape soda.

I know what it's like when the guy at the supermarket won't take your "food stamps". Or how it feels to wait all month for your "welfare check". Hey! Ho!

Hey! Ho!


I just got a voice mail from the assistant manager of the Turlock Walmart saying that he understands I am having problems returning a computer and he would like to assist me.

I haven't yet called him back but when I do, I'll ask him if he actually got to read my complaint because I don't need to return a computer at all. My complain is clear. They need to have their policy posted and need to retrain or fire their customer dis-service staff.

I'll let y'all know what response I get when I call him. - Note I only get a call after writing to their corporate office, despite writing letters prior to this to the store manager!.


I got a call from the assistant Manager of the Walmart Store here in Turlock, he left a voice mail stating he understands I'm having trouble returning a computer and would like to assist me. Um ok, obviously he didn't get to read my complaint, that is not at all the issue. I will call him back later this week and let y'all know what he says.


Of course you posted neither of those rude comments Darren. Simple solution, if you are angry at someone's reply take five minutes to cool down before responding. This way there will be no magical posts appearing in your name.



Any, I did not ask for your opinion you ***.

Anonymous, shut up, if you cannot see the problem you are ***."

I never posted this comment either.


Sally #1, you make a fair point but obviously its looks like I posted an offensive comment to someone who left a comment on my post. Perhaps its something this site needs to consider so that users have usernames that cannot be repeated / duplicated.

As for keeping boxes of items I purchase, if you read over all the details on this post, you will see #1 most people don't keep boxes simply because they don't have the room. I live in a one bedroom house with my wife, child and dog. We don't have no room to keep big computer boxes around.

#2, I wouldn't have complained about the issue had the policy been posted, must return in original box etc, but the fact is, no where does it say in store to bring the original box.

I did return it in a box of exactly the same item, the exact same computer which I purchased before returning the broken one, but they wouldn't accept it without the ORIGINAL box because of a sticker / serial number of the box. Again that is fair enough if they tell you this when you buy it or have it posted somewhere you can read it - that is my complaint.

Further to that, my wife ordered another computer (exact same one) from site to store. When we picked it up, we were told if we need to return it, bring the receipt and packing list. NOTHING was said about needs to be in original box, then as we left the greeter checked our receipt and told us exactly the same thing, receipt and packing list needed to return. Next time you are are walmart, read the return policy posted above the returns desk and you'll notice it does not say anything about must be in original packing.

Now if I was returning it just because I didn't like the item, fair enough, they need the original box to resell the item, but the fact is, this was broken and needed to be returned (although I wouldn't put it past walmart to try and resell it, even knowing it was not working as it should).

Further, my complaint it not only about the box issue, but the way I was treated in the store. Again you can read my original complaint regarding this.

I did just get a reply from walmart so I'll send the info they're requesting and see what happens from there...

Email from Walmart 5/27/10.

Thank you for your message.

Dear Darren,

Thank you for your correspondence regarding your shopping experience at Walmart.

Our goal is to respond to your inquiry and/or forward to the proper department.

Please assist us in expediting your resolution by identifying the specific store

you are referencing (there may be more than one store in your city and we would

like to narrow it down to your local store).

If you could provide us with either the Store number or telephone number

(located near the top of store receipt), we will identify the correct location.

If you do not have either of these, please provide us with the street address of

the store including city and state.

Regarding your contact information so someone may contact you back:

- Your telephone number

Your Walmart experience is important to us and we will make every effort to

address your issue in a timely manner.

Thank you for allowing Walmart to continue saving you money, so you can live



Walmart Customer Care


Sorry I misread the thread regarding the miscreant poster. Thus, My post didn't make sense.

You can collapse the boxes if your space is limited.

I see your point about any one posting here under any name. Makes using you full name risky.

Glad you got the refund.


Darren Phillips #2, There are 1000's of Darren Phillips in the US, in CA there are 30 or 40 alone, according to a Zaba Search which got a hit of 44, some of which are duplicates. Please don't hassle Darren Phillips #1 for using his legal name.

Darren Phillips #1, you already know what I would tell you (save those boxes for all tech items) You never know when you might have to send the back to manuf. (repairs, recalls or whatever).


Still no reply from walmart. Its obvious by now they do not intend to reply, and last time I checked, they have still not updated the policy in store - there is a policy above the returns counter and NO WHERE does it say to return an item in original carton. Keep your boxes people!


what appropriate action could they take? you know they let ANYONE post ANYTHING about ANY SUBJECT?

Pissed consumer doesn't check or verify any of the complaints or comments, and you don't need an email to post a comment. So at best they could remove the comment.


I am Darren Phillips, and did NOT post this comment on 07-05-2010 which said:

"Any, I did not ask for your opinion you ***. Anonymous, shut up, if you cannot see the problem you are ***."

I have reported this to site admin and asked them to remove that comment and take appropriate action against the impostor who obviously used my name when entering a comment.


Any, I did not ask for your opinion you ***.

Anonymous, shut up, if you cannot see the problem you are ***.


Wal mart does not specialize in computers. You should have gone to a electronics store ie best buy.

Wal mart is *** though.

You had every intention of keeping the computer and did not expect any problems. Any person would throw out the box who has the room?


Still have not heard back from store manager re Written letter I sent as directed by walmart.com reply. Sent Email to walmart.com stating this fact. Its been about 3 weeks and I feel I should have heard something by now.


Hi Jake, in reply... I get what you're saying, and I would usually return stuff in the original packaging anyway. In this case, I purchased the replacement before returning the item and used the new box since it was EXACTLY the same item, it seemed pointless going out to the laundry shed and getting the old box when I had the same box right there.

Turns out the box has a serial number on it which caused the problem. Had I been told it had to be the original box, it would have saved me alot of hassle - but all that aside, what got me the most was the poor attitude of the staff, - if someone would have told me I'm so sorry but ... instead of an apologie I got lectured about a policy that is not posted.

I did exactly what it was said on the receipt AND the return label ON THE VBOX ITSELF and they refused it until I went and got the original box.

What would have happened if I hadn't kept the box? I've have been stuck with a computer that didn't work and $400.00 out of pocket over a cardboard box!

Aside from time and gas, which isn't that big issue, I didn't appreciate how I was treated by their 'customer service' people.

in reply to...

usually when you return something, that includes ALL the original stuff. even the original box.

i know it sounds like a hassle, but still...


Darren you must really be six years old if you don't know that you need to bring the original box it came in.


The problem is Darren Phillips is a "six year old child" who expects things to go his way regardless of whether it is policy or not. That is the problem anonymous.