Wenatchee, Washington

I bought a Brest pump for daughter in law . She never used it or even opened it 2 seals were not broken on box.

I went to return it the box says as long as the seal are not broke the item hasnt been opened , return to retailer. The return center said no its our policy to not return breast pumps. There is not one sign by the pumps or at the customer service counter that states this .

I spoke to the floor manager the manager a over her plus the 2 rude clerks at the customer return counter ,Not one person would show me that policy. I'm am very pissed at the way the whole thing was handled on walmarts end, and will be happy to never spend a dime there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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Just come see me and I will pump those melons for free, u pull my watering hose.


Hey back off I was first. But pictures first before we decide if we take the job or not.


If its not used does it matter?? There are seals on it for a reason. People return underwear and bathing suits all the time

First B

Sigh here we go again, another person mistaking being told no as rude.


Would you buy a breast pump that some unknown person had returned? Or should they just hide the fact it was returned and put it on the shelf and sell it as new? If they did that and you found out, you would probably scream bloody murder and accuse them of selling used equipment.

They were correct regardless of what the policy says, it's just common sense and you know it.


Judging from this person`s terrible spelling and grammar she lacks common sense, does she really look educated you decide.


Thats where your common sense should've kicked in.Why in the world would they take a breast pump back? Walmart customers are such annoying,whiny babies.So glad I don't work there anymore.


There is not a sign that says do not *** on the floor either. There does not need to be a sign for items that are meant for bodily fluids, and retailers are well within their rights to refuse a return for any reason. Returns are a gift, not a right.