Crestview, Florida
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Cancer came back for the 5th time. So, I had planned to make my spare bathroom into a craft room.

I ordered on line a folding table and bookself from WalMart. After 2 CT, PET Scans, blood work, a trip to

UAB Cancer Center, my doctor and cancer

surgeon gives me no hope with stage 4 lumphoma cancer and lung cancer. So, I don't want my 80 year old husband to deal with all my stuff, so we went to WalMart here in Crestview, Fl to return these two items, they gave me a phone number to call cause they couldn't take them. Just got off the phone, "there system want let them take the items back either".

So, left with selling them in a yard sale.

3-6 months of life, so much to do. So, if you read this, remember life is short, do things now.

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