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I was harassed in a Walmart while trying to return a faulty coffee maker. I fill the harrasment complaint on line last Friday and it is either being ignored or being considered as petty and no follow through

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow, go set yourself on fire huh? That's real nice what are you 10?


nope 11


Still no reply about my experience with Walmart and the harrasment by a manager and security.

I am about done writing and trying to work with these people to help resolve their service and harassment policies.

I will be attempting to assist with the organization of a 3rd party entity that will force management to change their evil ways



Are you sure you aren't from West Virginia? Why do you think you were entitled to cash without proof of purchase?

You can forget hearing from Walmart HQ, they aren't going to dignify you with a response as you clearly were in the wrong. I have seen your type in stores before, causing a scene and acting a d@mn fool while people snicker at you behind your back and talk about that 'crazy person' in the customer service line!


Go set yourself on fire they were in the wrong and no one is supporting me.


got a match u freaking lunatic


Thank you. I will certainly consider your advice, it is so helpful having someone such as yourself offering up their free advise.

With your skills you should consider writing for dear Abby.

Thanks again



They told me that since i did not have a receipt I had to get a gift card and i said i don't want a gift card and want my money back, then i refused and they said no, and they called the police because i refused to leave the store and the employee harassed me.


You got what you deserved. I think they were more than generous for a return without a receipt. Get over it.


Go set yourself on fire, you big baby. They a gift card!