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Horrible customer service! Stood in line forever to return an item, 2 people in front of me 3 behind me, The customer service girl was having trouble returning something so she called a lead person who came up to help with one sale and then walked away leaving us standing there again in line forever!

1 customer service person mind you..Finally my turn, I am returning my item, which I have a receipt for, and just then the phone rings. The girl waiting on me picked up the phone and got in a long conversation with someone about pictures that she had lost. After about three minutes of this,without greeting me at all she starts to do my return with the phone crooked on her shoulder still talking to the woman… I said she needs to hang up and help me with my return. She tells the customer on the phone,my customer here tells me I have to get off the phone… after she gets off the phone she looks at me and tells me that I was rude!

I said no you were being rude for answering the phone, and proceeding to return my item while still talking to the lady on the phone! I said I would've let the phone ring! She said she was "multi-tasking"!She then said she needs a break, and she pushed something on the counter which knocked a whole bunch of fliers off onto the floor! Horrible horrible service!

A couple min.

later the woman who is watching the registers on the floor came to finish my return. Horrible horrible service!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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And people wonder why retail employees are in a bad mood. You have no idea why she acted like she did?

She was the only one there to do the work of 3 people, then you had to make her job even harder by acting like a ***. It IS multitasking.

You will be the one complaining that no one answers the phone next.

Please shop elsewhere from now on so those people who work hard do not have to be abused.

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